Garden State Pathways

The Garden State Pathways (GSP) Program is a post-secondary, transitional program sponsored by Camden County College in Blackwood, New Jersey and designed for students with intellectual/cognitive disabilities. The program serves students 18 to 24 years old who are eligible for or received IDEA funding and are interested in learning a work-related skill, as well as enhancing their independence with life skills.

For students who prefer to remain under the IDEA entitlement until age 21, they may enter the program after meeting all high school requirements, despite not having accepted their official diploma. The Program will continue to meet the needs of students based on their personal needs and the implementation of a 504 plan. The high school develops and tracks all needs based in an Individualized Education Plan document. Upon completion of the Garden State Pathways program, students receive a high school diploma from their school district. This is an option for school districts and students who find the Garden State Pathways program to better meet their needs than a traditional high school based transition program.

Students take classes in socialization, financial literacy, life skills and their personal interest. Students are required to spend time developing their skills in a career interest that will enhance their employability. After completing all required courses and work experiences in this two-year program, students receive a certificate of Postsecondary Studies (CPS) from Camden County College.

Students are encouraged to integrate into College life through various on-campus, social activities such as the Spring Fling, Welcome Back BBQ, various clubs as well as educational lectures outside of the typical classroom.

Students pay for the program with funding provided from different sources such as parents, school districts, and financial aid. This program is focused on providing services to students who require an alternative to a traditional college education and will benefit from a smaller, vocationally-focused structure.

How to Apply

GSP students should complete the online College application with the code SPVO. Once the College application is received, an application for the Garden State Pathways certificate will be sent to the applicant. Students wishing to enroll must be independent in daily living skills, motivated to complete an internship as well as class work. Students must have met all high school requirements, but do not necessarily need to have accepted their diploma. Students must have been eligible for IDEA funding while in high school.


Curt Watkins, Assistant Director of Disability Services
Taft Hall, Office 102
Phone: (856) 227-7200 ext. 4255

Taryn Burkholder, MS, CRC
Director, The Accessibility Center
Taft Hall, Room 103
(856) 227-7200, extension 4430