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Fall Registration - Camden County College

Fall Registration Information


It’s never too early! Fall classes will be here before you know it. Get the best selection of classes by acting now. Online classes available throughout the semester.

Not a student yet? Apply today with our free student application and be ready for what’s next with the lowest tuition in the region, the highest selection of programs, and the most available transfer options.


Financial Aid Available for Fall 2020

Visit our Financial Aid page if you require more information.

15-Week Session

Registration Deadline: 9/1
Last Day to Drop w/ 100% Refund: 9/1
Classes Begin: 9/2
Last Day to Drop w/ 50% Refund: 9/16

Audit Deadline: 09/23
Withdrawal Deadline: 10/28
Classes End: 12/21
Late Registration Deadline*: 9/16

1st 7-Week Session

Registration Deadline: 9/4
Last Day to Drop w/ 100% Refund: 9/4
Classes Begin: 9/8
Last Day to Drop w/ 50% Refund: 9/14

Audit Deadline: 9/16
Withdrawal Deadline: 10/2
Classes End: 10/26
Late Registration Deadline*: 9/14

13-Week Session

Registration Deadline: 9/15
Last Day to Drop w/ 100% Refund: 9/15
Classes Begin: 9/16
Last Day to Drop w/ 50% Refund: 9/28

Audit Deadline: 10/2
Withdrawal Deadline: 11/3
Classes End: 12/18
Late Registration Deadline*: 9/28

2nd 7-Week Session

Registration Deadline: 10/27
Last Day to Drop w/ 100% Refund: 10/27
Classes Begin: 10/28
Last Day to Drop w/ 50% Refund: 11/3

Audit Deadline: 11/5
Withdrawal Deadline: 11/23
Classes End: 12/17
Late Registration Deadline*: 11/3

*Late registration is usually allowed if only one class meeting has been missed. After a class has met more than once, late registration may be denied, or may be allowed with the permission of the instructor or area dean.