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Clubs & Organizations - Camden County College

Clubs & Organizations

Clubs, organizations, and special interest groups are authorized by the Camden County College Office of Student Life and Activities in response to the needs of the student body. Clubs are categorized as academic, service, or social/cultural. During the 2018 – 2019 academic year, the clubs/activities listed below are available for students to join. Some clubs meet exclusively at the Blackwood Campus and others exclusively at the Camden Campus, but all activities may be joined by students enrolled in credit courses at any of the college’s four locations. Students who wish to participate in a club/activity must complete a Club Membership Form and submit it to the Office of Student Life and Activities.

For more information regarding joining a club, contact:

Office of Student Life and Activities, Taft Hall, Room 302, Blackwood Campus
Jackie Tenuto, Assistant Dean for Student Development and Support
(856) 227-7200, ext. 5088

Club Membership Form
New Club Guidelines
Returning Club ReActivation

Addictions Counseling Club

Club Advisor: Leroy Stanford
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4546

The Addictions Counseling Club will educate the campus community and break the stigma through education outreach programs, and public events.

American Sign Language Club

Club Advisor: Kerry Ceccanecchio
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4255

The American Sign Language Club will provide a social/learning network for Sign Language Interpreting students, Deaf Studies students, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing students where they can improve and enhance their second language in a total immersion environment and to promote awareness of Deaf Culture and issues related to hearing loss.

Animal Care Club

Club Advisor: Melissa Brittingham
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4211

Animal Care Club supports the mission of local Animal Advocacy groups through fundraisers, trips, and education. Student-led meetings and activities are planned to help animals in need and promote responsible pet ownership.

Campus Press Newspaper
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4202

The Campus Press is the name of the student run newspaper, which is designed to inform the College community about news, events and changes at the Blackwood and Camden Campuses and the Rohrer Center. Its features cover the entire spectrum of student activities and interests. Included in the student publication are articles on current movies, television, music and concerts. Students are encouraged to express their views and ideas for the benefit of other students through the newspaper. Those interested in journalism or who like to write are invited to join the staff.

Chemistry Club

Club Advisor: Robert Feudale
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4073

The Chemistry Society’s goal is to afford an opportunity for students of a chemical science to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from a professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist, and to further interests and understanding of chemical principles as applied to real-world applications.

Chess Club

Club Advisor: Kevin Cogan

The Chess Club’s goal is to engage students and help them better understand the game of chess and utilize critical thinking in a chess position. Students can come to watch learn, play, and even teach each other.

Criminal Justice Society

Club Advisor: Richard Cummings (Blackwood)

Club Advisor: Richard Mason(Camden)

The Criminal Justice Society has an overall goal to be active at Camden County College and the surrounding community. The society will participate in different community service activities each semester. By participating in the society, criminal justice students have the opportunity to further their knowledge in the criminal justice field. This is accomplished through our guest speakers, creating friendships with fellow criminal justice students, becoming an active student on campus, and in the community.

CRU (Crusade for Christ)

Club Advisor: Michael Colbert
Phone: (856)227-7200, ext. 4307

The Crusade for Christ (CRU) wants to share the love of Jesus, evangelize, have Bible study, and grow together as a body of believers.

Dental Assisting Club

Club Advisor: Andrea Hudnall
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4485

The Dental Assisting Club promotes the program and career of dental assisting. Interested students participate in professional and community activities and compete in table clinic competitions.

Dental Hygiene Club

Club Advisor: Dawn Conley
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4681

Barbara Iuliucci, Club Co-Advisor
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4491

The Dental Hygiene Club promotes the program and career of dental hygienists. Students participate in professional and community activities such as health fairs and special campus presentations, which contribute to the oral health education of students.

Dietetic Club

Club Advisor: Rose Gaano, DTR

The Dietetic Club explores opportunities for nutrition in the community with an emphasis on community service and relationship building.

Engineering Society

Club Advisor: Melvin Roberts
Phone: (856)277-7200, ext. 4942

The Engineering Society will be focusing on the education of engineering students, having a teamwork based experience, helping other students learn more about our group through design and development of various engineering projects.

Game Design Guild

Club Advisor: Ryan Morrison

The Game Design Guild is dedicated to showing the positive aspects of gaming technology and game culture to anyone with an interest in how games work or how they are made. Whether you play, design or just like to talk about games the Game Design Guild is the club for you. We partner with local organizations and companies to gather information and network with fellow gamers and designers alike.

Healthy Educational Advocates for Relationship Resources (HEARSS)

Club Advisor: Bonny Chezik

Healthy Educational Advocates for Relationship Resources (HEARSS) will provide healthy relationships resources and advocate for survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and dating violence situation.

MAD LIT – The Madison Literary Society of Camden County College

Club Advisor: Keith O’Shaughnessy
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4561

MAD LIT is a student organization dedicated to the creation and appreciation of literature. We hold weekly meetings that combine discussions of prominent authors and general literary topics with workshops for group member work. We also host a variety of semester, campus-wide events such as open mic’s, visiting author and faculty readings, and recitation contests, as well as annual publication parties to celebrate the release of our literary journal, The Madison Review. Periodically, we even arrange visits to regional museums, university readings, and writers’ conferences. Meetings are open to all students, and to events to the entire CCC community. Similarly, all genres and styles of literary art are welcome for discussion or performance.

Muslim Student Club

Student Mentee: Fathema Begum

Muslim Student Club promote an educational and informational outlook of Islam that helps to address and eliminate misconceptions of the religion today. It will provide a new prospective of life and one’s role in it, and to enlighten both Muslims and Non-Muslims through camaraderie and solidarity. It aims to provide a platform where students can freely practice religious and foster interfaith and cultural understanding.

Visual Arts

Club Advisor: Gregory Brellochs
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4251

The Visual Arts Club was established to create a space for like-minded people interested in any of the Visual Art areas such as fine art, photography, film, animation, fashion design, illustration, comic book design etc. to get together and share their interests, sketchbooks, designs, to watch art films, documentaries, and whatever else comes to mind. You do NOT have to be an art major to join.

WDBK Radio Station

Club Advisor: Jackie Tenuto
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 5088

WDBK radio station at 91.5 FM is a non-commercial, non-profit radio station. WDBK is staffed by Camden County College students, along with assistance from College faculty and administration. The station offers an alternative programming source, and an opportunity for students interested in broadcasting to learn about the functioning of a radio station.

W.E. Women Empowered

Club Advisor: Rosalia DeNardo
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4208

W. E. Women Empowered will encourage and support female peers academic pursuits, empower women at CCC and families to the best version of themselves, participate in initiatives that benefit girls and women.

World Culture Club

Club Advisor: Colleen Doyle
Phone:(856) 227-7200,ext. 4526

World Culture Club offers foreign-born students and American students with an interest in world cultures the opportunity to meet through a variety of trips, social activities, and educational programs. The group promotes awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity and provides an opportunity for international students to learn more about American culture.