Emergency Textbook Program

The Emergency Textbook program assists students with emergency book needs.

Library Reserve

The library has established a small collection of the textbooks required for classes. The collection is not all inclusive, and has been assembled with complimentary copies.

Titles can be identified in the online catalog CamCat or students can call or stop by the library.

Textbook Reserve Policies:

  • You need a valid CCC Library card to use reserve materials.
  • A book on textbook reserve may be borrowed at the library service desk for use in the library.
  • The loan period is three hours.
  • Please return the textbook directly to library staff at the service desk. When you check out a textbook, you are responsible for it until it is checked back into the system.
  • There is a $4 overdue fine per hour that is charged to your account if the book is not returned within the three hour loan period.
  • Failure to return a reserve textbook will result in a fine in the amount of the list price of the book plus a processing fee or a replacement copy of the book plus a $50 fine.

Emergency Textbook Loan Process

Eligibility Qualifications:

  • Complete application. Statement to support request and supplemental documents are needed.
  • Fill out a FAFSA and accept all grant aid or student needs to be registered with proof of paid invoice or payment plan status.
  • Students must have a GPA of 1.75 or higher for 1-24 credits completed or 2.0 GPA for 24+credits
  • No discipline or code of conduct violations.
  • Students can participate in the emergency textbook loan process for one semester only.

Process to obtain the textbooks:

  • Visit the bookstore for the cost of the books needed for the semester.
  • All bookstores will check your financial aid award book voucher (if applicable). All book vouchers must be exhausted prior to any additional emergency funds will be issues.
  • Bring your application completed with book costs to the Assistant Dean of Student Development and Support, Blackwood Campus Taft 302, Camden Campus Advisement Center, CTC Room 207, Rohrer Campus-Enrollment Service Desk.
  • Once the application is returned to the designated offices, the student will be notified of approval or denial within 24 hours.
  • Once approved, the Student will then pick up a book voucher in Taft 107- Tutoring Center, Blackwood campus, Camden Campus Advisement Center CTC, Room 207 or Rohrer Campus-Enrollment Service Desk to purchase textbooks and access codes only.

Book Return Instructions:

  • All purchased books/workbooks must be returned after finals. Student will receive emails reminding them to return the books where they were issued.
  • Books should not be returned back to the bookstore.
  • Failure to return books will result in a Student Affairs hold being placed on the students account.



If you have any questions please contact:
Assistant Dean of Student Development and Support,
Blackwood Campus, Taft, Room 302