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Strategic Plan - Camden County College

Strategic Plan

Mission and Goals

Camden County College Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020
Commitment to Student Success

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on January 3, 2017


Camden County College is committed to the success of a diverse student body through collaborative engagement that provides high quality, accessible and affordable education. The College is responsive to the needs of the community through continuous enhancement of its programs and services.


Camden County College will be a gateway to opportunities for students to achieve their full potential and to meet their academic and career goals.


  • Academic excellence
  • Accountability
  • Goal attainment
  • Integrity
  • Respect for individuals
  • Student-centered (focused) decision making
  • Student learning


To accomplish its mission, Camden County College will continually assess institutional improvement through the evaluation of the following goals:

  1. Provide accessible and affordable educational opportunities.
  2. Foster student success through high-quality learning experiences and support services.
  3. Respond to the needs of the regional labor force, collaborative partners and community members.
  4. Develop and manage institutional resources focused on supporting student success and organizational effectiveness.

Strategic Goals and Initiatives

1. Provide accessible and affordable, high quality educational opportunities Strategic Initiatives:

1.1 Expand learning opportunities for all residents of Camden County through collaborative partnerships, including local agencies and school districts.

1.2 Expand college readiness opportunities for high school students and adults in transition.

1.3 Reduce barriers to enrollment (i.e. financial, child care, flexible course offerings).

Metrics: Enrollment data, Developmental Education, Tuition and Fees, Financial Aid data

2. Foster student success through high-quality learning experiences and support services
Strategic Initiatives:

2.1 Improve retention and student success through student-centered instruction, co-curricular opportunities and support initiatives (i.e. tutoring, advising, transfer, student engagement).

2.2 Improve completion and transfer through implementing systems that support students’ academic and career plans using Guided Pathways model.

Metrics: Retention, Completion/Graduation, Transfer, External Accreditation, Student Learning Outcomes Assessments, Unit Plan Assessments.

3. Respond to the needs of labor force, collaborative partners, and community members
Strategic Initiatives:

3.1 Improve Workforce Readiness through expanded partnerships with business and industry.

3.2 Identify and overcome barriers to success in workforce readiness for special populations (e.g. underrepresented populations, veterans, displaced workers, limited English Proficient, International students, economically disadvantaged, academically underprepared, senior citizens, etc.).

3.3 Establish the College as a Center of Excellence to train students in high demand occupations.

Metrics: Grants, Partnerships, Graduate Follow-Up survey, Employer Surveys, Job Placement Rates, Advisory Boards

4. Develop and manage institutional resources focused on supporting student success and organizational effectiveness
Strategic Initiatives:

4.1 Expand revenue generating opportunities (Grants, foundation, leasing, etc.).

4.2 Develop human resource capacity (i.e. leadership and professional development, diverse workforce).

4.3 Enhance Processes, resources, and infrastructure to better fulfill mission and goals.

4.4 Improve College effectiveness and efficiencies through continuous improvement.

Metrics: Financial Indicators, Staffing Indicators, Resource Utilization

Approved by Board of Trustees January 3, 2017

Strategic Plan Evaluation

Metrics and Benchmarks

Strategic Plan Reporting Out 2017-2020
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