21st Century Scholars Program

A unique after-school program in academic subjects such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), arts and cultural education designed to provide academic enrichment opportunities after-school hours for students through project based learning. The 21st Century SCHOLARS Program aims to advance student achievement by promoting knowledge, skills, and understanding through enriching, hands-on and creative opportunities that complement the school day curricula.

Students receive:

  • Help with homework and project assignments
  • Tutoring in Mathematics, English and Science
  • Youth Development Workshops
  • Project Based Activities
  • Field Trips/Off Site Education Experience
  • College Visits
  • Community Service
  • College Credit Courses
  • Career & College Readiness
  • College Planning Workshops
  • Summer Program

Daily After School Schedule (2 – 5 p.m.)

Current Partners:

Overbrook High School
(856) 767-8000

Pennsauken High School
(856) 662-8500

Contact Information:

Yvonne Kilson, Director
(856) 227-7200, ext. 4530
Fax: (856) 374-4898