Committee Assignments

Academic and Student Affairs Committee

All proposed programs of study in all areas of curriculum are reviewed by this committee in conjunction with the recommendations of the President. This committee makes recommendations to the Board on all matters pertaining to the educational operation of the College such as admissions, counseling, financial aid, student life and activities and other student personnel functions.

Committee Members

  • Susan R. Croll, Chair
  • Annette Castiglione
  • Tiara Clyde
  • Dr. S. Jay Mirmanesh
  • Daryl Minus-Vincent

Business Affairs, Audit, and Campus Development Committee

This Committee provides oversight of the finances of the College. It reviews and makes recommendations to the Board on the receipt and expenditure of funds, and changes to the operating and capital budgets. This committee shall also provide oversight of the College’s Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest and Whistleblower policies.

Committee Members

  • Brett Wiltsey, Chair
  • Jessica R. Stewart
  • Anthony J. Maressa
  • Helen Albright Troxell
  • Judith J. Ward

Policy Committee

This Committee considers, addresses, and recommends those pronouncements to be established as policies of the Board of Trustees. The Committee shall recommend to the full Board for adoption by Resolution those policies or changes to be formally adopted by the Board.

Committee Members

  • John Hanson, Chair
  • Susan Croll
  • Dr. S. Jay Mirmanesh
  • Jessica Stewart
  • Judy Ward