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MyCCC Student Portal

MyCCC Portal is going Password-less
Keeping up with industry standards for cyber security, Camden County College will be implementing Multi-Factor authentication to access MyCCC Portal. This will eliminate the need to remember and enter passwords.

To make the transition, the MyCCC portal will not be available on Friday, 05/12/23 from 08:00am until 05:00pm.
Password-less will be completely in place on Tuesday, May 16th.
For detailed information, please watch the following how-to videos below.

Setting Up Microsoft Authenticator
Setting Up Google Authenticator

The MyCCC portal is a mandatory online gateway, where you will access essential information and academic resources.

You will use the portal to:

  • Single Sign-on to Self Service, Student Planning, and Canvas
  • Register for classes
  • Receive communications from faculty and the College
  • Access course work
  • View your class schedule
  • Pay tuition and other bills

Please make sure to LOGOUT and CLOSE THE WEB BROWSER (ex. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) after accessing your information on any public computer! Never save or store your usernames or passwords on any public computer.

Check Your Email
Please check your college email and personal email with subject line
Subject: MyCCC Portal Information” for login instructions