Advanced Placement

Students who have taken an Advanced Placement (AP) course and passed the test with the required score needed in one of the approved subject areas may submit official documentation for credit.
Official documentation can be sent directly from the College Board. For directions on how to submit scores, please visit the College Board website.

The chart below lists AP courses and titles. It also includes the minimum score required by Camden County College to receive credit. Finally it lists the number of credits for each class that will be awarded based on the AP test score. 

AP Courses OfferedTitleMinimum AP ScoreCredits Awarded by CCC  CCC Course(s)
Art HistoryAP-Art/History of Art36ART-111, ART-112
BiologyAP-Biology44BIO- 111
BiologyAP-Biology58BIO-111, BIO-112
Calculus ABAP-Calculus AB34MTH-140
Calculus BCAP-Calculus BC38MTH-140, MTH-150
ChemistryAP-Chemistry38CHM-111, CHM-112
Computer Science AAP-Computer Science A33TRN-CMS
Computer Science ABAP-Computer Science AB36TRN-CMS, TRN-CMS2
Economics (Macro)AP-Economics/Macro33ECO-101
Economics (Micro)AP-Economics/Micro33ECO-102
English Language and CompositionAP-English Lang/Comp43ENG-101
English Literature and CompositionAP-English Lit/Comp43ENG-101
Environmental ScienceAP-Enviromental Science34TRN-SCI
European HistoryAP-European History33HIS-112
French LanguageAP-French Language46FRE-101, FRE-102
French LiteratureAP-French Literature36TRN-LAN, TRN-LA2
German LanguageAP-German Language46GER-101,GER-102
Government and Politics: ComparativeAP-Gov’t/Politics/Compara.33TRN-POL
Government and Politics: United StatesAP-Gov’t/Politics/U.S.33POL-103
Latin: VergilAP-Latin Language/Virgil46LAT-101, LAT102
Latin LiteratureAP-Latin/Virgil Literature36TRN-LAN, TRN-LA2
Physics BAP-Physics B38PHY-101, PHY-102
Physics C: MechanicsAP-Physics C: Mechanics34PHY-201
Spanish LanguageAP-Spanish Language46SPA-101, SPA-102
Spanish LiteratureAP-Spanish Literature36TRN-LAN, TRN-LA2
StatisticsAP-Statistics 33 MTH-111
United States HistoryAP-History/U.S.3 & 43HIS-121
United States HistoryAP-History/U.S.56HIS-121, HIS-122
World HistoryAP-History World3 & 43HIS-101
World HistoryAP-History World56HIS-101, HIS-102
Chinese Language and CultureN/AN/AN/AN/A
Human GeographyN/AN/AN/AN/A
Italian Language and CultureN/AN/AN/AN/A
Japanese Language and CultureN/AN/AN/AN/A
Music TheoryN/AN/AN/AN/A
Physics C: Electricity & MagnetismN/AN/AN/AN/A
Studio Art: DrawingN/AN/AN/AN/A
Studio Art: 2-D DesignN/AN/AN/AN/A
Studio Art: 3-D DesignN/AN/AN/AN/A