International Student Application

Where are you applying from?

F-1 Students Applying from Abroad

  1. Submit a completed CCC application. Please allow at least 4 weeks for proper processing of your application. You will be assigned a student ID number once you have been accepted to the college. An email will be sent to you, requesting deposit of $3500.00 be made via, referencing your student ID number. You should also review the section “Know the Law” As part of your entry into this school and the United States, please carefully review this section. International students must adhere to many rules and regulations that govern their stay here in this country on an F-1 student visa.
  2. Complete ALL application materials. To obtain an application please contact the International Student Services Office at (856) 227-7200, ext., 4568 or
  3. Make a payment. After you have been accepted at CCC, the International Student Services office will send your SEVIS I-20 form along with the letter of acceptance and instructions on how to make SEVIS payment. You will also find instructions on how to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee. You can also find this information from You should take these documents to the U.S. Embassy or consulate for your interview, for the F-1 student visa.
  4. Check at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate when applying for the F-1 Student visa to ensure that, in order for you to study abroad, you have ALL your financial documents in order to finance your education. Your application may be denied if you fail to have the proper documentation. You must prove financial stability for your education and persuade the consulate officer that there is both a need and a reason for you to return to your home country.
  5. Complete the non-United States citizens Form I-94. Upon arrival at the U.S. airport, you will be given a non-United States citizens Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record, to complete. Please properly complete this form with where you will be staying in the U.S. All names should match on all forms.
  6. An immigration officer will verify all your documents (passport, visa, and I-20). All must be in order for you to be admitted as a student. All documents should be returned to you, including your passport, I-20, and I-94 back to you. Your I-94 should have the annotation of 'D/S', which means your stay in the U.S. is valid for duration of status.

F-1 Transfer Students:

  1. Complete an International Student Application Packet. Camden County College will assign you a student ID number, upon your acceptance.

    Please mail to the address indicated below:
    Camden County College
    International Student Services Office (Taft Hall, room 305)
    PO BOX 200  
    Blackwood NJ 08012

  2. Complete and submit all the forms in the International Student Application Packet. Please include the F-1 Transfer eligibility form that must be completed by your previous school. Once your application has been reviewed, a student ID number will be assigned to you. You will make your deposit at our Business Office, referencing the ID number.
    Please note:
    Deposit must be made within 10 days of email.

    In addition to an Official Transcript accompanied with your International Student Application, please send an official transcript to the address below:
    Records and Registration Office
    Camden County College
    P.O. Box 200
    Blackwood NJ 08012

  3. Include photocopies of all previous I-20s, photocopy of your passport identification pages, photocopy of your most recent visa, and photocopy of your I-94 (both front and back).
  4. After you have been accepted at CCC and have registered for classes, the International Student Services office will update your SEVIS I-20 form. You will be given your updated I-20 at New Student Orientation. This is mandatory for all new and newly transferred students. The date will be given to you upon your admittance to CCC.

Evaluation and Transfer of Foreign Credentials

If you have university level classes you have completed or degree completion programs from your home country, you should submit an official evaluation report of your transcript. The provider of the evaluation must be a member NACES, The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. Please review their website for payment and procedures. Find a NACES member here.1. Please complete an International Student Application Packet. Camden County College will assign you a student ID number, upon your acceptance.