Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at Camden County College is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and innovative educational environment to enhance teaching potential and effectiveness so that students are more likely to achieve their desired learning outcomes. The CETL aims to empower faculty and staff through collaborative approaches, pedagogical support, and access to professional development resources to support the improvement of teaching and learning and to cultivate a culture of lifelong learning, equity, and academic advancement within our diverse College community.

The mission of the CETL at Camden County College speaks to facilitating academic scholarship and excellence in the teaching and learning processes. This will encompass:

  • Supporting the ongoing improvement of instruction by offering programs and resources related to the individual professional development needs of faculty (full-time, teaching administrators, and adjunct faculty) and staff.
  • Encouraging teaching innovations.
  • Enhancing faculty dialogue and promoting cooperation and information sharing across academic disciplines.
  • Supporting the integration of technology as a tool for improving teaching and learning.
  • Collaborating with other institutions, organizations, and individuals to exchange information and share resources.
  • Facilitating an atmosphere of collaboration, diversity, equity, and inclusion and recognizing the excellence and achievements of our colleagues.
  • Supporting course design and delivery in multiple learning modalities (traditional, online and hybrid) through professional development.
  • Helping to develop a culture of data-driven assessment practices to support teaching and learning.


The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Hub consists of a wide assortment of materials related to teaching and learning in higher education. This hub, hosted in the Canvas LMS, serves as an active branch of the CETL to provide access to additional online training through archived videos of the CETL events. It also serves as an access point to unique College-sponsored professional development content in a password-protected environment.

Workshop Schedule

CETL activities and events are regularly scheduled for the 1st Thursday of each month of the during the Fall and Spring semester, and additional days and times are offered as needed. These events and activities are open to all full-time and adjunct faculty, administrators, and staff. Please note that some may require advance registration.


For more information about the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning, please visit the CETL Hub in Canvas or email us at with any question you may have.