School Closing Information

Each of our four campuses has both day and evening numbers to limit confusion when you are trying to get information about weather cancellations. In addition to listening to KYW, you can always check our Facebook page, or website for information.

Also, be sure to sign up for our Cougar Call and you will receive a text message or phone message about important college information.


Camden Co. College – Blackwood
Broadcast Number: 559

Camden Co. College – Blackwood – PM
Broadcast Number: 2559


Camden Co. College – Camden
Broadcast Number: 1484

Camden Co. College – Camden – PM
Broadcast Number: 2084


Regional Emergency Training Center

Camden Co. College – R.E.T.C.
Broadcast Number: 1485

Camden Co. College – R.E.T.C. – PM
Broadcast Number: 2085

Cherry Hill

Camden Co. College – Cherry Hill
Broadcast Number: 1486

Camden Co. College – Cherry Hill – PM
Broadcast Number: 2086