Emergency Procedures

Quick reference for Emergency Procedures.

In case of emergency contact public safety at 856-374-5089

Active Shooter

  • If possible, exit the building to a safe area
  • Dial 9-1-1 Call Public Safety

If you cannot exit the building:

  • Go to nearest room
  • Close door, lock the door if possible
  • Turn off lights
  • Take cover, stay calm, quiet & out of sight
  • Dial 9-1-1 / Put cell phone on vibrate
  • Do not leave or unlock door until law enforcement assists you from the building
  • Do not confront the shooter, except as a last resort

More information about Active Shooter Procedures

Building Evacuation

  • When you hear a fire Alarm you must leave the building
  • Take personal belongings with you
  • Evacuate by nearest unobstructed exit
  • Close doors behind you
  • Do not use elevators
  • Move to a safe area 300 feet away from building
  • Do not re-enter building until authorized by emergency personnel

Persons with disabilities on upper floors:

  • Move to stair tower. Call public safety or 9-1-1. Tell them your location.


  • Activate the nearest Fire Pull Station
  • Call public safety
  • Tell others as you leave by nearest exit
  • Follow building evacuation guidelines

Suspicious Object/Package

  • Do not touch or disturb the object or package
  • Move to a safe distance, then call public safety
  • If possible, keep others away from object
  • Prepare to evacuate

To Report a Crime/Suspicious Person

  • Call public safety or use any emergency phone
  • Do not ignore the behavior or delay the call
  • Be a good witness. Tell Call Taker everything you know about the situation and persons
  • Do not hang up until told to by Call Taker
  • Take only actions necessary for self defense
  • If safe, stay where you are until help arrives

Disruptive or Violent Behavior

  • Call Public Safety
  • Stay calm. Do not argue.
  • Do not physically confront the person
  • Do not block the person’s means of exit
  • If there is immediate danger, leave the area

Severe Weather Emergency

  • If possible, move to lowest level hallways or take cover under desk
  • If safe to do so, secure vital equipment & files
  • Shut off electronic equipment
  • Stay away from windows
  • Call public safety to report injuries or damage

Medical Emergencies

  • Call Public Safety – Tell Call Taker as much as you know about the situation and conditions
  • Render First Aid if you are trained
  • Remain calm and assure the injured person help is on the way
  • Do not attempt to move an injured person unless necessary to prevent further injury

Person In Emotional Crisis

  • Call Public Safety
  • Help keep person calm
  • Do not put yourself in danger
  • Do not block the person’s exit route (For non-emergencies call the dean of students or Public Safety for advice or direction)

Sexual Assault

  • If you’ve been sexually assaulted or someone reports to you they were: Get to a safe place.
  • All sexual assaults are crimes – you should call Public Safety or police. Seek medical attention whether you make a report or not.
  • Before police arrive, do not shower, drink, eat, or change clothes. If you
  • are there to help, provide reassurance but refrain from touching the victim before emergency personnel arrive.

Power Outage

  • Call Public Safety
  • Turn off computers and other equipment
  • Move CAUTIOUSLY to lighted area

If people are trapped in elevator:

  • Call Public Safety / Stay Calm
  • Do not attempt to exit elevator through hatches without assistance from emergency services

Chemical Hazards or Gas Leaks

  • Call Public Safety
  • Do not pull fire alarm
  • Do not touch light switches or electrical equipment
  • Limit inhalation of fumes if possible
  • Do not touch spilled substance
  • Move to a clear area (uphill/upwind)
  • Keep others away Isolate contaminated persons.

If you or someone else contacts a suspicious chemical/substance:

  • Immediately flush affected area with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes
  • Wash with plenty of soap and water
  • Remove contaminated clothing
  • Seek medical attention immediately

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