Emergency Notifications – Cougar Call

“Cougar Call” is Camden County College’s emergency notification system providing phone and text messages in the event of an emergency and to broadcast important information including weather related closings to the College community.

Every student is automatically subscribed to “Cougar Call” when registering for classes. Any time a student’s contact information changes, the student must update the system through Self Service. The student may opt out at any time.

It is recommended that students check their wireless phone provider regarding costs for incoming text or phone messages. The College is not responsible for any extra costs incurred as a result of receiving notifications via phone, e-mail or text. All information provided is completely confidential.

For questions about the “Cougar Call” system, please call the Department of Public Safety at (856) 374-5089. If you are not receiving messages send an e-mail to publicsafety@camdencc.edu.

Cougar Call Registration Form