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Julie Yankanich

Director of Communications
ext. 4949

Julie Yankanich, Director of Communications, oversees College’s advertising agency, the Publications office and creative team, marketing and public relations campaigns, and emergency management communications. If you would like to promote your program or event, or be included in the annual PR and marketing plan, please contact Julie or click for information about promotional opportunities.

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Greg Bender

Director of Publications & Creative Services
ext. 4944

Greg Bender, Director of Publications and Creative Services, is the lead graphic designer and creative person at the College. He oversees print and website projects as well as manages the operation of the Publications Center. Greg also coordinates work with outside printers and other vendors, along with preparing bids for major publications, mailing services and paper supplies. He monitors marketing and promotional communication to ensure consistency of the College’s message and also collaborates with the College’s advertising agency on major campaigns.

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Eric Davis

Web Specialist
ext. 4659

Web Specialist/Programmer, Eric Davis, manages the technical aspects of College’s website and Apply site. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of the website infrastructure and applications, managing compliancy & web standards as well as the ongoing tasks related to search engine optimization and marketing. He provides support and maintenance for the College’s content management system and web servers. Eric also manages the College’s web analytics/performance tracking and implements changes based on results. He collaborates with the team on new web technologies and is currently working with Stacey to build our new website on a new platform.

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Stacey Matteo-Maier

Web Specialist
ext. 5095

Stacey Matteo-Maier, CCC Web Specialist, is responsible for the overall design, content, and function of the College’s website. Stacey manages and updates the College’s web calendar, often collaborates with the team on creative and campaigns, designs campaign-specific interactive and trackable URLs and emails. Stacey also assists with graphic design and social media when necessary. If you need an HTML email designed, an online sign-up form for an event, or just want to update your section of the website, let Stacey know.

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