Print, Design and Web Services

The Office of Communications oversees the Publications Center and the College website.

Communications Job Request Form

Services provided by these departments include:

  • Print and Graphic Design
  • Publications design
  • Copying of larger jobs, via a copy request form (two-day turn-around)
  • Website Services
  • Social Media
  • Print and Graphic Design

This office is responsible for:

  • Academic Program Guide
  • College Catalog
  • Continuing Education Tabloid
  • Credit Schedules of Classes
  • President’s Report
  • Student Handbook

E-communications, including:

  • Specialized HTML email campaigns
  • Blogs
  • Digital Signage (in CIM, Community Center, Taft Hall, and the CTC in Camden)
  • Social networking activities, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

Print and Graphic Design

New print and/or design projects must be discussed with Ron Tomasello. You must allow a six-week completion time for special projects. Any repeat job must be accompanied by a Copy Request Form. See the Creative Design Guidelines and Printing Press Guidelines on this page for more details.

Business Cards
Requests for business cards will be filled within four to six weeks. A Business Card Order Form (available on this page) must be completed and must include the signature of your Dean or Vice President.


Black and white copies are available in the Publications Center in the Basement of the Library. Faculty and staff must fill out a Copy Request Form (available at the Publications Center) and date stamp it at the front counter when submitting a job. Normal turnaround time is 48 hours. Please allow additional time for large jobs or those with special finishing needs. See the Duplication Guidelines on this page for more details.

Web Services

The Web team creates, develops and refines Camden County College’s web and digital presence. We combine technical innovation with institutional standards. We build, select, and maintain the tools that CCC uses to communicate on the web.

We can help you to:

  • Design and build web pages that best represent College services
  • Optimize webpages for search engine optimization
  • Review page usability and accessibility
  • Advertise college events on the Web Calendar
  • Create custom tracking links
  • Build HTML emails to advertise event or program.

For help or to learn more about your webpage analytics and stats, please fill out a Communications Job Request Form.

The College seeks to shape and maintain coordinated and accurate publications.