LGBTQ+ Student Support and Services

We are dedicated to empowering and supporting LGBTQ+ students, ensuring they feel a sense of belonging and have the opportunity to achieve their utmost potential.

African American student sitting in college classroom holding a notebook that has the bisexual flag shaped like a heart on it

Academic Support and Campus Life

Preferred Name Information & Form

Many people use a first name different than their legal name to identify themselves. Camden County College has established the following procedure to allow students and employees to indicate their preferred first name to the College community.

Students who would like to indicate their preferred first name should submit the completed form to the Records and Registration office.

Preferred Name Identification Form

Additional Information:

Library Research Guides

The Camden County College Library has built an extensive online resource comprised of databases, useful websites, and journals that are specific to LGBTQIA+ subjects.

View LGBTQ+ Libguides

Safe Spaces

Camden County College Safe Space indicator featuring a rainbow cougar graphic

The Campus Pride Safe Space program aims to help LGBTQ+ students feel safe and included in the college community. Camden County College faculty, administrators, and staff members who have completed the training, have designated their office or classroom as a Safe Space for LGBTQ+ students to go to should they need support.

Learn more about Safe Spaces

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Gender inclusive bathrooms available on the Blackwood Campus. Download the Blackwood Campus Map for a visual guide on building locations.

  • Halpern Hall: 1st Floor*
  • Jefferson Hall: 2nd Floor*
  • Roosevelt Hall: 2nd floor (2 bathrooms)*
  • Library: Basement Level (2 bathrooms)*
  • Taft Hall: 3rd floor (2 bathrooms)*
  • Truman Hall: 2nd Floor*
  • Papiano Gym: 1st Floor*
  • CIM: 1st Floor (2 bathrooms back by Opthalmic)*

*Bathroom is also Handicap accessible

Safety and Hate Crime information
PAASS Mentoring Program

PAASS stands for Professors, Administrators, Alumni, Students, and Staff, who come together to support and guide students in their personal and academic development.

Through this mentoring program, volunteers help participants GROW by assisting them in setting Goals, managing their current Reality, overcoming Obstacles, and planning Ways to success.

To request a PAASS Mentor, please email Dr. Kelly Jackson at


Female students talking to each other on campus

Student Clubs and Organizations

Join the CCC Pride 365 or J.E.D.I. club and connect with like-minded individuals, contribute to a supportive environment, raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues, and empower yourself and others.


If you are a CCC Alumni or former attendee and part of the LGBTQIA+ community, we’d love to keep you up to date and involved.



2 college students smiling. One student is wearing a lavender color t-shirt and the other student is holding a notebook that has a field of lavender pictured on the back of it.

Project Lavender

Request a lavender honor cord for your commencement regalia. Lavender is a traditional honor cord color for LGBTQIA+ students. If you were unable to attend our club celebration of our sophomores, please click the button below to request your cord.



LGBTQ+ Resources

Our goal is to ensure that our LGBTQ+ students have access to the resources and support they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.



a young African American man wearing a shirt with lgbtq+ flag patch on the sleeve

LGBTQ+ Friendly Employment

The Career Planning and Advancement Center at Camden County College has a collection of resources to help discover and identify LGBTQ+ -friendly employment and workplaces.

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Upcoming Events


Provide your information to be notified of upcoming LGBTQ+ events.