Canine Cognition, Emotion, and Social Behavior

Price: $25
Course #: CE.ENR-268-01

How smart is your best friend? More research is being done to determine the amount of intelligence our dogs truly possess. Studies may surprise you! Learn just how intelligent your dog really is and how utilizing this information can help you to determine how to achieve a better bond and connection with your dog as well as achieving more positive behavior. Also, learn the importance of the emotional and social life of canines and how it greatly affects their interaction with us, each other and their environment, as well as how their survival depends on it. It’s interesting to note that they are the only species that can truly focus on a human, our gestures, our faces, even our eye movements! You’d be amazed at how they can learn and what they can do! Learn how this, as well as their social order, affects their overall behavior. You’re also invited to a complimentary Peace Walk for reactive dogs at a different location at the end of the semester.

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