Peer Recovery Specialist

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PEER RECOVERY SPECIALISTS are people who are in recovery themselves and want to act as a friend and role model to someone who’s just beginning to seek help. Specialists provide strength, hope and inspiration to their peers and show that recovery is possible. The Peer Addiction Recovery course will prepare individuals looking to become peer counselors to help those recovering from overdose and addiction.

The 13-week, 3-credit course will promote competence and skill development in addiction crisis intervention, recovery treatment services and non-clinical settings such as peer-run recovery centers. The course focuses on the following areas of health care provider development: ethics and legal standards related to direct service interventions, multiple recovery pathways and harm reduction methods and wellness focused outcome goals. Students who successfully complete this course will fulfill their requirements for state certification as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist.

People whose lives have been touched by addiction, students enrolled in the Addiction Counseling Program, social work students, psychology students, Camden County residents wanting to do their part to combat addiction and support long term recovery.

Peer Recovery Specialists are employed by every health system in Camden County as the first social service responder to assist someone that has been medically cleared from an overdose. All 21 counties in New Jersey use peers in opiate overdose recovery programs and police-assisted recovery initiatives. The peer movement is a nationwide effort that is continuing to expand.

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