Guide to Virtual Instruction


The landscape of eLearning is changing rapidly for all of us. Camden County College is committed to the safety of students, faculty, and staff. In light of the Governor’s recent executive order, while the operations of the College remain open, there will be no access to the campus.

Virtual courses are being delivered online, through Canvas, the College’s Learning Management System.

Canvas can be accessed using the mobile app or through the MyCCC Student Portal on your PC, MAC, and Chromebook, or tablet.

Get the App

  1. Download Canvas in the App Store by searching “Canvas Student”
  2. Open the Canvas app and click on “Find my school”
  3. Search for “camdencc”
  4. Enter “camdencc”
  5. You will be prompted to login with your myCCC credentials

Mobile Guides – Canvas Student
Click on the link below which provides information on how to log into your mobile app.

There are instructions for both iOS and Android phones:

Slide STEP 1 Slide STEP 2 Slide STEP 3 Slide STEP 4 Slide STEP 5


The division of eLearning is here to help all students through this transition.

If you would like assistance with navigating Canvas, please sign up for a free online webinar or view our YouTube video. In these training sessions, you’ll learn how to navigate the Canvas system, submit assignments, take tests, participate in group discussions, and much more.

  • When you log into Canvas there is a 1 hour video that will walk you through how to navigate the site
  • One-On-One – You can sign up for a one-to-one half hour or hour session with the eLearning staff. This time will be spent answering your specific questions.

    Please sign up here for One-on-One: One-on-One Webinars for Students

We are here to help!
Students can access most services online through the student portal. If you need assistance, please contact Student Services 856-227-7200 ext. 4200 or submit an online inquiry.

For the latest updates, please check your student email account and college social media platforms regularly. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for Cougar Calls to receive emergency notifications to your phone.

Familiarize Yourself with Canvas


Can I shop at the bookstore?

Although the Camden County College Bookstore is currently closed, they are accepting online orders and they will ship to your home.
Visit them at

Can I use the library?

The Wolverton Center is currently closed. However, you can still get help from a librarian via chat, text, or email. Click here for more info

I don't have internet at home. How can I take online classes?

Free Wifi for CCC Students

Attention Camden County College students!

Free WIFI is now available on the Blackwood Campus in Parking Lot #5 in front of the Gabriel E. Danch CIM Center.

You may access WIFI in your car from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. while you complete your coursework.

See the Campus Map for the best location to get a signal.

Present your student ID to access the campus via Driveway #2 from Peter Cheeseman Road.

Wifi Name: CCC-Outdoor
No password is required

PLEASE NOTE: There is currently no access to buildings – including restrooms.

Free WIFI on the Camden Campus coming soon!

Below is a list of information publicly available to assist anyone impacted by shutdowns from COVID-19. Camden County College does not endorse, nor receive any benefit from the companies listed.

Free Xfinity WiFi Hotspots

Comcast Internet Essentials

Comcast is offering 2 months free to new Internet Essentials customers in response to recent and anticipated emergency measures associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
To qualify, you must meet one of the requirements below:

  • MEDICAID: card or most recent eligibility letter for an adult in your household.
  • Public housing assistance: documentation such as your lease, housing assistance payment (HAP) contract, or eligibility documentation from HUD.
  • SNAP: letter indicating you are approved for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.
  • TANF: eligibility letter for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
  • SSI: eligibility letter for Supplemental Security Income.
  • NSLP/Head Start: copy of a letter indicating current participation in the National School Lunch Program or Head Start, with your child's name, the school name, and the address of where you are requesting service.
  • LIHEAP: letter confirming your eligibility for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
  • WIC: eligibility letter for the Women, Infants, and Children program.
  • VA PENSION: veterans pension eligibility determination letter from the Veterans Administration.
  • Tribal assistance eligibility letter, including TTANF, FDPIR, etc.


AT&T will provide unlimited AT&T mobile data for the next 60 days

AT&T will not terminate the service of any wireless customer because of their inability to pay their bill due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

T-Mobile / MetroPCS

T-Mobile will provide unlimited data for all customers with data plans for the next 60 days (excluding roaming).

T-Mobile customers will receive an additional 20GB of mobile hotspot and tethering service for the next 60 days

Unlimited data for all customers with data plans for the next 60 days at no extra cost beginning 3/19/2020.

An additional 20GB of mobile hotspot data per month for 60 days at no extra cost.

Customers (with mobile hotspot-capable handsets who don’t have mobile hotspot on their plan) will now receive 20GB per month for 60 days (a minimum of two bill cycles) at no extra cost.

Sprint will not terminate service if they are unable to pay their Sprint bill because of the coronavirus, and will waive late fees incurred because of economic circumstances related to the pandemic.

How to I access my student email?

All of the information you need to access your student email can be found on the Student Email page.

How do I access Tutoring Services?

We are providing tutoring virtually.

Click here for more information:

How can I reach the help desk for tech support?

You can reach the help desk for technical support in the following ways:


Phone: Locally at (856) 374-4900 or Toll-Free at 1-877-326-4512

Where do I sign up for a Cougar Call?

You can sign up for the Cougar Call and receive college notifications by filling out the Cougar Call Notification Form.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Useful Contacts