Managers direct the activities of their individual departments within the framework of the overall plans of the organizations. Apply & Register Program Details

Managers direct the activities of their individual departments within the framework of the overall plans of the organizations.

Associate in Applied Science

This curriculum is currently in the process of being updated. For the up-to-date curriculum, please view our 2020 Academic Program Guide.

Code Course Credits
First Year / First Semester
ENG-101 English Composition I1 3
ACC-104 Financial Accounting 3
BMT-101 Business Mathematics I 3
CIS-105 Computer Literacy 3
MGT-101 Introduction to Business 3
Second Semester
ENG-102 English Composition II2 3
ACC-105 Managerial Accounting3 3
BMT-102 Business Mathematics II4 3
LAW-101 Legal Environment/Business Law I 3
MGT-102 Introduction to Management 3
Code Course Credits
Second Year / First Semester
ECO-101 Macroeconomics 3
LAW-102 Business Law II 3
MGT-212 Human Resource Management5 3
MKT-101 Principles of Marketing 3
MTH-111 Introduction to Statistics 3
Second Semester
ECO-102 Microeconomics 3
FIN-212 Principles of Finance or  
BUS-201 Co-op I: Business 3
MGT-213 Operations Management (Spring Only)6 3
MGT-216 Human Relations in Business & Industry (Spring Only)7 3
...-... Diversity General Education Elective 3
  Total Minimum Credits 60
1Must test into ENG-101 or complete all appropriate prerequisites
2Prerequisite: ENG-101
3Prerequisite: ACC-104
4Prerequisite: BMT-101
5Prerequisite: MGT-102
6Prerequisite: MGT-212 and MTH-111
7Prerequisite: MGT-102 Spring Only

Program Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Discuss, explain and describe the general business environment.
  2. Manage, communicate with and direct a diverse workforce.
  3. Describe the legal implications of management decisions.

Employment Opportunities

Projected employment growth varies by industry, yet most industries will continue to expand rapidly. There is a great demand for entry-level and middle-level managers in miscellaneous business services. The future projection of employment for managers continues to grow both nationally and globally in all fields. Managers are needed in all levels of production, service and distribution type businesses.

  • Assistant manager
  • Retail manager
  • Management trainee
  • Manager
  • Office manager
  • Supervisor
  • Bank manager
  • Healthcare career manager

Contact Person

Dr. William H. Allen, Jr., Chair
(856) 227-7200, ext. 4455

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