Alumni Trustee Candidate Nomination

The Division of Student Affairs is launching a search to find its 2023 Alumni Trustee. If you are completing your degree and would like the opportunity to be elected by your peers to serve a one-year term as a non–voting member of the Camden County College Board of Trustees, now is the time to apply for this position.

Deadline: March 8, 2024


To be qualified, candidates must:

  • Be graduating with a degree or certificate from CCC as December 2023 graduate, May 2024 graduate, or August 2023 graduate.
  • Demonstrated high academic achievement.
  • Active participation in CCC college activities and or Community Service projects.
  • Willingness to carry out the responsibilities of serving on the Board of Trustees, monthly meetings, and committee meetings.
  • Submit a short biography.
  • Provide the name of at least one faculty reference.
  • Submit a link to a video of why you should be elected the 2024 Alumni Trustee. Speech should not be more than 3 minutes in length.

Nomination Form


Create a speech that you would want to deliver to the 2024 graduates explaining why you are the best candidate to represent the Alumni on the CCC Board of Trustees. Explain your commitment to serving the Alumni. Explain how you will be the voice for Alumni while serving on the Board.
Suggested length: 450-750 words.


The 2024 Graduates will elect the best candidate for the position based on your speech. Please do not get hung up on production values. Shoot it with your computer’s camera or the one you have on your phone. You can save it on your Google Drive or upload it to YouTube. Either way, make sure you send us a link that we can open. (You may want to send it to a friend to test out first.)


We want to get to know you as an Alumni candidate! Please submit a biographical statement in which you describe why you are the best candidate for this position. Did you have any life changes or challenges that have prepared you for the Alumni Trustee position? Do you have any academic or professional accomplishments, volunteer work, or meaningful projects that you’ve worked on that have prepared you for this position? What else should we know about you?
Suggested length: 500 words or less. Or more. You decide.


If you have questions or need guidance, please contact Jacqueline Tenuto, Associate Dean at