Camden Scholars Program

Camden Scholars is a program designed specifically for new or first-year CCC students to boost academic degree and workforce credential attainment. Scholars will have dedicated staff and services to help navigate college so they can navigate the campus and resources. Our goal is for all students to graduate, no matter their circumstances.

Program Services

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The Camden Scholars Program offers a broad range of supports to aid students in their transition to college through completion.

  • Scholars will receive coaching, academic assistance, seminars, enrichment activities, an opportunity to attend a summer institute, and support from dedicated staff.
  • Scholars can receive financial supports to assist with tuition, fees, and books. They will also have the ability to earn a stipend of up to $500 per semester.



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  • New or first-year student (less than 24 credits)
  • Currently enrolled as a part-time or full-time student (at least 6 credits) or in a workforce training certification program
    • Limited spots are available for workforce training students.
  • Demonstrate the ability to benefit from the services provided by the Program.


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Student Success Resources

Camden County College is committed to supporting our students by connecting them with internal and external resources available to overcome barriers in the way of their educational goals.