Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)

The Educational Opportunity Fund provides academic and financial support to students who are New Jersey residents and meet the eligibility requirements.

The following services are available to EOF students:

  • Advising
  • Financial Assistance
  • Career Exploration
  • Educational/ Goal Planning
  • Summer Program
  • Free Tutoring Services
  • Workshops

Eligibility Requirements

The EOF Program will admit students into the Program based on the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of New Jersey for at least a year.
  • Be a full-time student at Camden County College
  • Meet the established financial criteria and show evidence of economic hardship.
  • Must not be in default on a student loan.
  • Must exhibit evidence of motivation and potential to succeed in college.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to benefit from the services provided by the EOF Program at Camden County College.
  • First Time / Full Time students will be given first priority.

The EOF Application Process

  1. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  2. Obtain and complete an EOF Application (click to apply then fax or mail to the EOF Office)
  3. Download and print the verification form.
    2018-19 Verification Worksheet
  4. Provide proof of income (IRS 1040 form, Social Security Benefits statement, Disability Benefits statement, Unemployment benefits statement, Public Assistance benefits – AFDC, Child Support) from the previous year for both parent and student.

    All EOF applicants are required to submit the required IRS Income Tax Transcript documents for parents and students; if you and/or your parents filed income taxes. You can access information to request these documents here.

Educational Opportunity Fund Staff:

Ellen Davis, Advisor,
(856) 227-7200 ext. 4396

Carol Rosarto, Advisor
(856) 968-1364

Angelica Santiago, Advisor
(856) 968-1328

Eve Highstreet, Director
(856) 227-7200, ext. 1332

Frances Pagan, Secretary,
(856) 968-1325,

Michael Grace, Processor
(856) 968-1338