Teaching Learning Center

About the Teaching and Learning Center

Mission Statement

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at Camden County College inspires and enables faculty to enhance teaching potential and effectiveness so that students are more likely to achieve their desired learning outcomes. The Teaching and Learning Center serves as a focal point for college-wide efforts to support the improvement of teaching and learning.

To achieve its mission, the TLC:

  • Supports the continuing improvement of instruction by offering programs and resources related to the individual professional development needs of faculty.
  • Encourages teaching innovations.
  • Enhances faculty dialogue and promotes cooperation and information sharing across the disciplines.
  • Supports the integration of technology as a tool for improving teaching and learning.
  • Collaborates with other institutions, organizations, and individuals to exchange information and share resources.


The College Library purchases and maintains a wide assortment of materials related to teaching and learning in higher education. We welcome faculty input for purchases at any time. Formats include newspapers, books, journals, articles, CD's, DVD's and other electronic materials.