Garden State Pathways
Garden State Pathways (GSP) is designed to be a transitional program for students with intellectual, cognitive and learning disabilities who will benefit from extra guidance while experiencing college campus life. Completion of the requirements (44 academic and vocational credits) leads to a certificate of post secondary education.  Students enrolled in the GPS certificate are required to complete 12 credits in a vocational area as well as 32 credits in academic/life skills classes. Students complete internships both on campus and off campus. Internships are developed to build work skills and assist the student in transitioning into adult life.


GSP students will gain valuable expertise in self-awareness, daily life/independent living skills, and career skills.  At the same time, students will enjoy the opportunity to socially engage in college life on a close to home, friendly college campus. Several support services are provided to ensure student progress. These services include personalized advisement, mentors, tutors, job coaches and more.


GSP students follow an individualized schedule based on their likes and dislikes. Classes follow a typical college semester including semester breaks. Students are encouraged to complete the FASFA since the program has CTP (Comprehensive Transition Program) status.

How to Apply
GSP students should complete the online College application with the code SPVO. Once the College application is received, an application for the Garden State Pathways certificate will be sent to the applicant. Students wishing to enroll must be independent in daily living skills, motivated to complete an internship as well as class work. Students must have met all high school requirements, but do not necessarily need to have accepted their diploma. Students must have been eligible for IDEA funding while in high school.


For further information regarding Garden State Pathways contact:
Bernadette Gismonde
856-227-7200, ext. 4503