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What is the High School Plus Program? 

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The High School Plus program (dual credit) is designed to accelerate student achievement by awarding college credits for college-level work completed while in high school.

The program offers freshman-level college courses. Diverse offerings include foreign language, computer science, history,political science, math, chemistry, physics,biology and psychology. When a specific high school course has been approved by the appropriate College faculty, that course is taught by high school teachers during the regular school day. The courses approved for college credit are usually Honors or AP high school courses that have been certified as containing all the components of the college level course for which credit will be awarded.


For example, a student taking high school Physics I will receive high school credit and four (4) Camden County College credits.

Throughout the academic year, the College faculty representative monitors course content,testing instruments and evaluation procedures to ensure the high school course meets college academic standards. Following the successful completion of the course, students can send their Camden County College transcript to the college of their choice.

Upon graduation, students may choose to come to Camden County College, or they can transfer their credits to a four-year college. It should be understood that no college, including Camden County College,can absolutely guarantee the transferability of its credits to another institution. Ultimately,transferability is up to each institution from which the student is seeking credit and any questions should be directed to that institution. 

For more information, contact Dr. Ted Barthold at or (856) 227-7200, ext. 4431 in the Division of School & Community Academic Programs at Camden County College.  


Public Speaking
American Federal Government
Small Business Management I
Introduction to Business
Principles of Marketing
Legal Environment/Business Law
U.S. History
Western Civilization
World Civilization
Early Childhood Curriculum
Children Health, Nutrition and Safety
Introduction to Java
Structured Programming
Computer Literacy
Forensic Science
Computer Graphics
(Class availability varies by high school)

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