Nursing, Health Science & Human Services Division Programs

ADD.AAS - Addictions Counseling
ADD.CA - Addictions Counseling Certificate of Achievement
ASC.AAS - Veterinary Technology
BHC.CA - Behavioral Health Care Certificate of Achievement
CMA.AAS - Health Science: Certified Medical Assistant Option
CUL.CA - Culinary Certificate of Achievement
DAS.AAS - Dental Assisting
DAS.CT - Dental Assisting Certificate
DEV.AS - Human Services: Developmental Disabilities Option
DHY.AAS - Dental Hygiene
DTT.AAS - Dietetic Technology
ECH.AS - Human Services: Early Childhood Education Option
EHC.CA - Electronic Health Records: Consultant Certificate of Achievement
EHI.CA - Electronic Health Records: Implementation Support Specialist Certificate Achievement
EHP.CA - Electronic Health Record: Practice Workflow/Info Mgmt Redesign Spec Cert Achievement
EHT.CA - Electronic Health Record:Trainer Certificate of Achievement
FSM.CA - Food Services Management Certificate of Achievement
HIT.AAS - Health Information Technology
HRM.CA - Hotel and Resort Management Certificate of Achievement
HSC.AAS - Health Science
HSR.AS - Human Services
HSR.CT - Developmental Disabilities Certificate
HTS.AAS - Hospitality Technology
IHC.CA - International Healthcare Certificate of Achievement
MDC.CT - Medical Coding Certificate
MEP.CA - Meeting and Event Planning Certificate of Achievement
MLT.AAS - Medical Laboratory Technology
MST.CA - Multi-Skilled Technician Certificate of Achievement
NCM.CT - Nutrition Care Manager Certificate
NOL.AS - Nursing: Our Lady of Lourdes
NUR.CT - Practical Nursing Certificate
OMT.CA - Ophthalmic Medical Technician Certificate of Achievement
OPH.AAS - Ophthalmic Science Technology
OPH.CA - Ophthalmic Science Apprentice Certificate of Achievement
OTA.AS - Occupational Therapy Assistant
PEM.AAS - Paramedic Sciences: Paramedic Educational Management Opt
PRM.AAS - Paramedic Sciences
PRM.CA - Paramedic Sciences Certificate of Achievement
PRN.AS - LAS/Nursing: Pre-Nursing Option
PRT.AS - Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment
RST.AAS - Respiratory Therapy
SRG.AAS - Health Science: Surgical Technology Option
SRG.CA - Surgical Technology Certificate of Achievement
SSR.CT - Social Services Certificate