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Physics is one of the most basic of all sciences. It deals with the structure and manifestation of matter both in macroscopic and microscopic forms. It touches our daily lives practically everywhere. The light we switch on in the morning, the heater we use to heat our coffee, and the car we drive, and the very act of our walking are all linked to Physics. More intricate and complex phenomena such as the behavior of semiconductors, motion of electrons inside solids, and the nuclear binding energy, and, indeed, the structure of all matter itself is explained by Physics. It is the major link between science and technology. It is an essential and integral part of mechanical, electrical, nuclear, space, computer and other branches of engineering and technology. The Physics Department of Camden County College offers a variety of Physics courses to serve the student community. It offers an Associate Degree in Physics as an option to an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Science. Various levels of Physics courses are also offered to support Engineering and Technology, Computer sciences, Physical therapy, Allied Health programs, and as science electives for the non-science associate degree programs.

Physics Department Contacts

Dr. Leonard Khazan, Chairman
(856) 227-7200 ext: 4320

Mr. Ken Lynch, Technician
(856) 227-7200 ext: 4498

Pat Farley, Secretary
(856) 227-7200 ext: 4467