Health and Exercise Department

Camden County College is a comprehensive public two-year college committed to the ideal of making the highest quality of higher education available inexpensively to the young people and adults of Camden County. Beginning your college career at CCC makes sense and saves you money. You can earn a two-year degree at a fraction of the cost of attending a four-year school.

To that end, the Health and Exercise Science Department offers a one or two year program to provide you with the skills necessary to implement your career in health and physical fitness.

Interested students should contact: Mr. Nicholas DiCicco at (856) 227-7200 ext. 4264


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Health & Exercise Science
Career opportunities in the areas of health, physical education, exercise science, fitness, sports medicine and coaching are in high demand. Television and other forms of communication have made people more aware of the negative effects of an inactive lifestyle on personal health and wellness. As a result, schools, communities and private corporations are seeking leadership in fitness, exercise, sports and health-related careers.

A student interested in a career in health and physical education should demonstrate an interest in working with individuals who may vary in age from pre-school to senior citizen. Instruction occurs in large group, small group and/or individual settings depending on the specialization. Specific professional opportunities include teaching health and physical education (K-12) in public and private schools; directing adults in corporate, private and recreational fitness programs; coaching school and recreational teams; and working in sports medicine and allied health settings.

Our program in sport management prepares students for careers with professional, collegiate, and minor league sport teams as well as sport agency and marketing firms.


Health & Physical Education Teacher, Nutrition & Weight Control Centers, Health Clubs, Coaching, Fitness Centers, Professional Sport Teams, YMCAs, Minor League Sports Teams, Racquetball Clubs, Sporting Goods Retail, Sports Medicine Centers, Sport Agencies, Personal Trainers, Sport Marketing Companies, Wellness Centers, Collegiate Athletics, Business & Industry Fitness Programs