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Engineering Overview

Engineering is the application of the laws of physical science and mathematics to produce products that are useful to mankind and to solve complex problems in society. Engineers build or modify structures, processes or products that assist individuals in their daily lives. Today, engineers do more than build bridges...they create semiconductor chips so small they can fit on a pin head...they design machines that are accurate enough to split a human hair...they design and analyze thrill rides such as roller coasters to make them taller, longer and faster than ever before...the list is endless.

Engineers are creative thinkers and do-ers.

Engineering Technology vs. Engineering Science

The Engineering Technology Programs at Camden County College are designed to provide an academic experience combined with a hands-on approach to prepare students for the workforce of the 21st century. Technology programs are typically two years in length (full-time) and typically use mathematics tools of algebra and trigonometry, although some of the programs require a semester of Calculus. Transferrability of the technology programs is limited locally to colleges such as Temple University and New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

Generally, technical credits earned in the Technology programs cannot be transferred to the Engineering Science program. Students should evaluate their life interests, personality and goals and decide on a program as early as possible.

The Engineering Science Transfer Program is designed as the first two years of an Engineering Science Program of four or five years. The student is introduced to advanced general topics in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Computer programming, Electrical circuits, Statics and Dynamics and Computer-Aided Design. Students entering the program should have had college preparatory programs in high school or taken the necessary prerequisites at Camden County College. Engineering Science is theoretical by design and it requires students to be critical thinkers.

Camden County College students that graduate from the Engineering Science program and transfer to a four year institution perform competitively with residential students. CCC credits transfer to a variety of Engineering Colleges in the country. Locally, students can transfer to a number of institutions; a partial list is shown below:

What does it take to succeed?

A good attitude, dedication, desire, good science/mathematics skills and communications skills.. (Camden County College can help you obtain the later three.)