Computer Science

Why Computer Science?

Imagine a day without computers. No TV or radio signals, no cell phone, no power, your car won't star . NO FACEBOOK

Our society is dependent on computing in almost every daily activity, whether arts and entertainment, health, science, medicine, education, government, economics and finance; computers form our communication and information grid. Computing applications have tremendous potential to improve the quality of life and address human needs.

Answers to some FAQs about Computer Science

What do computer scientists look like?
Just like you! Computing professionals are creative, intelligent, and enjoy finding solutions to problems. Today, the majority of computer scientists work in teams that often connect them with professionals from other disciplines. Most of the problems that computer scientists work on include an engaging mix of theory and practice.

What does the job market look like for computer scientists?
Excellent! The greatest number of job openings in NJ are for “Computer Programmer.” Computer Science graduates are in demand and fill many positions in the computing profession including:

  • Software Engineer (as a team member develop large often complex software systems)
  • Programmer ( individually or as a team member develop software applications)
  • Network Administrator
  • Computer Systems Analysts
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How much do Computer Scientists get paid?
On average, computer science majors are among the highest paid graduates: According to the Time magazine website Computer Science majors earn some of the best salaries.

According to CNN Money, Computer Science graduates earned an average starting salary of $63,000.

How do I prepare for a career in the computing profession?
There are a wide range of opportunities in computing today – all of which require at least two years of college coursework preparation. Computer Science is a baccalaureate program that includes general education requirements along with a focus on computing theory, mathematics, and developing software applications (computer programs) to solve problems. Computer science graduates are tapped to formulate programming solutions for a wide range of fields, so whether you are interested in learning “how computers tick” in and of themselves OR how computing solutions are applied to other disciplines, computer science is a terrific preparation for your future.

To “test drive” computer science here at Camden County College, we recommend you start by taking CSC-105, Fundamentals of Computer Programming which uses a student-centric, active learning approach with the engaging 3-D graphics Alice programming tool.