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Camden County College Catalog
The College Catalog is formatted in Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can visit the Adobe site to get a free download. Please utilize bookmarks to navigate through the catalog pages.

What is the catalog?
The Camden County College Catalog lists every degree and certificate program we offer, identifies courses that are required for each program, and provides a description of every degree course offered by the College. The Catalog also includes information on College policies, procedures, student support services and faculty/staff listings.

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What is the Academic Program Guide?
Camden County College issues a printed guide once per year that lists degree and certificate programs, courses required for those programs and course descriptions with any updates that have been made prior to a new catalog being completed.


2014 Academic Program Guide 2013 Academic Program Guide
Table of Contents Table of Contents
Career Programs Career Programs
Transfer Programs Transfer Programs
Certificate Programs Certificate Programs
Transitional Studies Course Descriptions
Course Descriptions General Education Electives
General Education Program Specific Electives
Program Specific Electives


****As updates are made to academic programs and course descriptions, they will be placed on the Academic Program Guide archive page and organized by year and type of program.


New Programs

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