Student Success Assessment

Student Success Initiative

Mission Statement:

Camden County College shall provide an integrated program of robust, sustainable support for student success. Student Success is a collective responsibility that bridges academic and student affairs in shared activities that engages students at entrance and helps them become partners in their own success.

The Student Success Committee will identify strategies that support students as they advance through crucial milestones (acceptance, matriculation, completion of first term, completion of year one gatekeeper courses, completion of 30 credits) that are all necessary on the path to a degree. The committee will establish a process to measure the effectiveness of implemented student support interventions.

The Charge:

  • To develop an integrated road map for comprehensive student support for student success at Camden County College.
  • To develop a realistic action plan to implement and sustain a system of student support.
  • To identify evidence-based best-practices appropriate for implementation at the College.
  • To encourage and support innovation and research that will lead to improved student outcomes.
  • To utilize the Fundamental Elements of the accreditation standards that are included in the Characteristics of Excellence to
  • demonstrate compliance of the following standards:

Standard 8 Student Admissions and Retention (Document Roadmap)

Standard 9 Student Support Services (Document Roadmap)

Standard 13 Related Educational Activities (Document Roadmap)
(Basic Skills, Certificate Programs, Experiential Learning, Non-Credit Offerings, Branch Campuses, Distance Education)