Employee Directory by Campus/Location


The Blackwood main phone number is (856) 227-7200 - (extension). Once you have dialed this number listen to the phone prompts and then use the numbers on the directory below to find the appropriate extension for the person you are trying to reach.

Camden City Campus

For outside calls dial area code (856) 968 - (last four digits/ext.) listed on the directory below.

William G. Rohrer Center

The Cherry Hill main number is 856-874-6000 - (extension). Use the numbers listed on the directory below to find the appropriate extension for the person you are trying to reach.

Name Building/Room Phone Ext.
Blackwood Campus
Agresti, Anna Marie Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/107A 4631
Allen, Jr., William H. Madison Hall/214B 4455
Amadio, Julia Roosevelt Hall/222A 4987
Amos, Meredith Jefferson Hall/104 4449
Anderson, Fred C. CIM/204 4900
Andres-Wilder, Jenny Learning Resource Center/ 4402
Antonakakis, Helen Roosevelt Hall/218 4687
Armstrong, Donna Madison Hall/208 4368
Austin, John Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/321 4380
Bacha, Linda M. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117G 4477
Banks, Daniel CIM/116S 5102
Banks, William Papiano Gym/100B 4260
Barbato, Mary E. Roosevelt Hall/212 4684
Barbetta, Kim Roosevelt Hall/136 4232
Barbuto, Kerry Taft Hall/308 4274
Bardhan, Dipti Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117K 4604
Barker-Dennis, Jackie CIM/204 5039
Barker, Arline Madison Hall/214 4323
Barnhill, Michelle CIM/301C 4277
Barr, Juenelle Taft Hall/211-D 4309
Barr, Lola Taft Hall/346G 4793
Barthold, Theodore R. Madison Hall/314 4431
Beamen, Jacqueline Jefferson Hall/223 4370
Beatty, Nilda Taft Hall/314 4637
Bender, Greg Wilson Hall Center/ 4944
Bender, Todd CIM/204 4900
Berger, Claire Jefferson Hall/206 4713
Berkowitz, Lee Physical Plant/ 4240
Billingsley, Michael Lincoln Hall/14 4563
Bogardus, A. Elena Madison Hall/314I 4363
Boiano, Rosemary CIM/302 4761
Boos, Catherine Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117D 4472
Borden, Donald Roosevelt Hall/210 4937
Brellochs, Gregory Lincoln Hall/23 4251
Bright, Lisa Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/106F 4748
Brooks, Audrey Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329H 4804
Brown, Adam Taft Hall/317 4524
Brown, Dorothy Madison Hall/309A 4224
Bruno, David Madison Hall/209B 4494
Bruno, Rosann CIM/204 5035
Bryant, Dalia Taft Hall/203 4715
Bryant, Felicia Taft Hall/338 5073
Burch, Deborah Learning Resource Center/ 4404
Burke, Ginger Jefferson Hall/212 5078
Burns, Judith Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117A 4613
Byrd, Kay Roosevelt Hall/207E 4626
Calabrese, Michael Physical Plant/ 4575
Canonica, James Taft Hall/236 4371
Cantu, Stacie Truman Hall/129 4328
Capelli, Michael A. Wilson Hall Annex/100 4279
Carlin, Bernadette CIM/113S 4423
Chapline, Jeffrey W. Truman Hall/100 4447
Chatman, Jr., Lawrence M. CIM/302 4523
Chauhan, Mahima Roosevelt Hall/ 4963
Choi, Susan Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329C 4773
Christopher, Laura CIM/301 4420
Ciaccia, Brandy Roosevelt Hall/207 4934
Cinaglia, Leonard A. Physical Plant/ 4038
Clark, Ryan CIM/204P 4012
Colbert, Michael Madison Hall/214H 4307
Colomy, Ronald CIM/204 4900
Conley, Dawn Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117B 4681
Connolly, Rita Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/239 4462
Constantinou, Christine Taft Hall/207 4234
Copeland-Lockerby, Cheryl Madison Hall/202C 4730
Corbi, Jean Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117A 4729
Corson, Chris Jefferson Hall/212 5078
Coston-McHugh, Roseanne Roosevelt Hall/106B 4221
Craig, Jennifer Community Center/101B 4911
Curtis, III, William H. Madison Hall/214 4480
D'Ambrosio, Steve Taft Hall/208 5005
Daly, Melissa Roosevelt Hall/208C 4946
Danielson, Camilla Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117 4461
Danks, Lawrence Madison Hall/306 4481
Davidson, Hillary Roosevelt Hall/119 4245
Davis, Ellen Community Center/100 4521
Davis, Eric J. Wilson Hall Center/107 4659
DeCristofor, Christina Community Center/ 4039
Delaney, Donald Connector/360 4660
DeNardo, Rosalia Community Center/101 4208
Derman, Dean Papiano Gym/ 4237
Desk, Help CIM/204 4900
Diaco, Joseph Madison Hall/302A 4207
DiCave, Laura Taft Hall/346F 4792
DiCicco, Nicholas J. Papiano Gym/118 4264
DiLorenzo, Peter Papiano Gym/100 4569
Dinella, Patricia Roosevelt Hall/136 4293
Dodd, Sherry Roosevelt Hall/204 4539
Dolan, Richard J. CIM/101 4518
Dorsey, Peggy A. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117J 4205
Doyle, Colleen Learning Resource Center/311 4526
Doyle, Robert RETC/8 5012
Drexel, Linda Taft Hall/217 4079
Drobil, Rich CIM/106A 4403
Dyer, Latasha Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117 4247
Earp, Kathryn Taft Hall/316 4255
Echeverria, Pablo Jefferson Hall/315 4496
Eisen, Randi Taft Hall/304 4413
Emilius, Sally Ann Madison Hall/314G 4250
English, Marie Madison Hall/214 4607
Erskine, Helen Roosevelt Hall/204 4525
Erskine, Richard CIM/106A 4379
Evans, Pamela /
Falvo, Dianne Jefferson Hall/228 4540
Fauser, Diane Roosevelt Hall/121 4550
Favilla, Elise R. Jefferson Hall/222 4519
Feudale, Roberto Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329C 4073
Fischang, Nancy Learning Resource Center/311 4272
Flacche, Matthew Jefferson Hall/218 4348
Flacco, Elaine Administration Building/208 4003
Flisser, Daniel Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/241 4529
Fortini, Anthony Madison Hall/202D 4574
Freedman, Ellen Madison Hall/202A 4712
Fuselli, Anna Madison Hall/214 4421
Gaines, Kevin CIM/204 4900
Gallagher, Tamara Community Center/101B 4029
Gallo, Christopher Wilson Hall Annex/100 4544
Gartland, Nancy Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/238 4466
Gasparro, Karen CIM/302 4388
Gembitsky, Dmitry Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/240 4415
Gennari, Christopher Madison Hall/309 4206
George, Walter CIM/204 4900
Gibson-Kellam, Lisa Taft Hall/346D 4791
Gibson, Janelle Taft Hall/346E 4746
Githens, Amy Wilson Hall Center/ 4288
Giunta, Craig Physical Plant/ 4609
Gonzalez, Faustino Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117E 4534
Goodall, Jacquelyn Physical Plant/ 4240
Goughary, Patrick Madison Hall/314 5058
Gray, Isabel Learning Resource Center/ 4405
Graziano, Lucille Jefferson Hall/114 4448
Green-Kelly, Allison Lincoln Hall/4 4362
Hamburg, Karen A. Lincoln Hall/2 4325
Hamilton, Margaret A. Roosevelt Hall/204A 4525
Hanna, Kaina Community Center/101B.2 4902
Hannan, Deborah Roosevelt Hall/232 4938
Hansen, Susan Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329 4359
Havey, Lee Ann Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/106B 4469
Henshall, Robert Wilson Hall Center/ 4357
Henson, Wendy CIM/204 4900
Hernandez, Ellen Jefferson Hall/218 4688
Herr, Frederick Lincoln Hall/2 4389
Hetherington, Stephen Community Center/100.11 4602
Higgins, Brian CIM/106A 4252
Highstreet, Eve Learning Resource Center/312 4275
Hines, Shambra Taft Hall/233 4371
Hixon, Nancy Community Center/100 4308
Hoheisel, Jennifer Madison Hall/314 4676
Howard, Lillie Taft Hall/310 4619
Howard, Martine Jefferson Hall/222 4744
Hudnall, Andrea Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329D 4485
Hughes, Patrick Madison Hall/314 4319
Iannucci, Susan Taft Hall/ 4200
Iannuzzi, Anthony Wilson Hall Annex/100 4580
Ildefonso, Yamileth Jefferson Hall/222 4629
Iuliucci, Barbara Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117C 4491
Jackson, Kelly Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/234 4570
Jacobs, Barbara Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117B 4531
Jacobs, Drew Lincoln Hall/2 4217
James, Marc E. CIM/204 4900
James, Phyllis Taft Hall/205 4384
Jefferson, Joyce Community Center/ 4316
Jones-Edwards, Drucilla Papiano Gym/100 4037
Joynes, Betty Madison Hall/209 4324
Kaczorowski, Robert CIM/301 4298
Kane, Kathleen M. Roosevelt Hall/106A 4628
Khazan, Leonid Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329J 4320
Killebrew, Crystal Roosevelt Hall/106D 4391
Kilson, Yvonne D. Connector/351C 4383
Kinzy, Joanne Taft Hall/311 4430
Kishbaugh, Ann Learning Resource Center/ 4417
Klotzbach, Kay Lincoln Hall/5 4342
Kohl, Bunny Taft Hall/209 5076
Kukainis, Maris Roosevelt Hall/208 4983
L'Esperance, Susan Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/231 4467
Lacava, Joseph CIM/106A 4422
Lacava, Tina Roosevelt Hall/204 4522
Langston, Patricia Madison Hall/314 4364
Lantelme, Klarisa Roosevelt Hall/216 4740
Lavell, William T. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329F 4478
Lee, Sondi Madison Hall/202D 4558
Levering, Altha Taft Hall/215 4033
Lin, Julia Learning Resource Center/ 4673
Little, Wayne Wilson Hall Center/ 4357
Lombardo, Barbara Roosevelt Hall/207B 4961
Longwith, Kathy Community Center/200 4941
Lord, Lisa Connector/351E 4437
Luczak, Penny Madison Hall/309B 4674
Luongo, Stacie Taft Hall/211-C 4728
Manera, Melissa Roosevelt Hall/135 4219
Mansuy, Tanya CIM/204 4900
Mao, Ying Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117G 4329
Mathes, Portia Taft Hall/335 4788
Matteo-Maier, Stacey Wilson Hall Center/ 5095
Maurone, Gregory CIM/204 4900
McBride, Danielle Learning Resource Center/202 4710
McClintock, Debbie Jefferson Hall/212 5078
McConnell, Karl Roosevelt Hall/206 4860
McCormick, Carol Community Center/101B.1 4908
McCoy, Stephen P. Madison Hall/314 4742
McDonald, Corinne Child Care Center/
McGinley, Anne Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/106C 4468
McGurk, Marianne E. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/235 4464
McKee, Debora Roosevelt Hall/135 4238
McKenna, Kristin Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/106 4468
McMasters, Daniel T. Learning Resource Center/203 4416
McMillon, Jasmin Community Center/100.5 1328
McNasby, Michael Washington Hall/115 4107
McNeil, Marilyn Taft Hall/346H 4594
Meloni, Allyson Madison Hall/214H 4331
Mink, William T. CIM/207C 4769
Mitchell, Frank X. Madison Hall/214 4482
Modi, Sejal Learning Resource Center/202 4034
Monticelli, Carla Madison Hall/302E 4677
Mott, Cheryl Connector/351 4530
Mozaffari, Joseph CIM/106A 4175
Murphy, Cecelia Administration Building/206 4406
Murray, Thomas Jefferson Hall/204 5008
Nardelli, Susan Wilson Hall Center/Publications 4054
Nastasi, Anthony CIM/204 5045
Nguyen, Lani Taft Hall/305 4568
Nicholson, Karen Roosevelt Hall/207C 4945
Nogue, Zaida Taft Hall/303 4441
Nugiel, David Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329B 4741
O'Brien-McMasters, Vanessa Roosevelt Hall/204C 4227
O'Connor, Maryjulia Taft Hall/309 4372
O'Hara, Rachel Roosevelt Hall/127 4315
O'Leary, Jerome CIM/204 4900
O'Neal, Ronald Madison Hall/314F 4686
O'Shaughnessy, Keith Madison Hall/214 4561
Ogin, Christine Roosevelt Hall/204D 4355
Oleson, William Taft Hall/ 4200
Owens, Phyllis CIM/207B 4682
Pagano, Rita Kevin G. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/220 4495
Palmer, Barbara Learning Resource Center/308 4411
Patil, Mandakini Learning Resource Center/302 4900
Patrick, Marsha V. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117N 4665
Pellegrino, Elizabeth Roosevelt Hall/135 4351
Pesda, John L. Connector/103 4432
Peters, Regina Taft Hall/307 4450
Pettey-Ford, Shawneeq Taft Hall/
Photo Lab, Photo Lab Lincoln Hall/21 4346
Pietrucha, Kelly Learning Resource Center/311 4559
Pilla, David Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329A 4566
Pisko, Daniel CIM/204 4900
Pollard, Renee Taft Hall/319 4396
Porreca, Joseph Taft Hall/211A 4200
Poston, Catherine Taft Hall/315 4506
Pranzatelli, Joseph Taft Hall/320 4854
Priolo, Domenic CIM/107 4445
Purdy, Scott Community Center/101 5080
Pussewela, Veneka Learning Resource Center/204 4291
Quann, Ivis Madison Hall/209 4427
Radetich, Eileen Lincoln Hall/15 4767
Raftery, Nancy E. Lincoln Hall/15 4303
Rajashekhara, Thali CIM/115S 4429
Reeder, Elaine CIM/207A 4556
Reilley, Susan Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329E 4638
Reilly, Mary Cathleen Taft Hall/336 4794
Reitano, Kimberly Wilson Hall Annex/100 4382
Reynolds, Edward Taft Hall/216 4862
Riddle, Thomas J. Madison Hall/202B 4779
Riiff, Lindsay Roosevelt Hall/106F 4412
Rinaldi, Leeann Roosevelt Hall/232 4937
Roberts, Melvin L. CIM/302 4942
Robinson, Demetrius Taft Hall/ 4200
Rodriguez, Celines Taft Hall/211B 4200
Romani, Erin T. Papiano Gym/121 4786
Rotella, Holly Learning Resource Center/ 4418
Rouse, Markis Physical Plant/ 4240
Rowlands, Judith G. Jefferson Hall/114 4448
Roy, Sravasti Learning Resource Center/
Russell, Jill Madison Hall/206 4546
Russell, Thomas S. CIM/204 4900
Rychert, Phillip Lincoln Hall/10 4378
Sabatino, Christopher Physical Plant/ 4128
Saler, Cindy Roosevelt Hall/106 4218
Samara, Renee Madison Hall/308 4557
Sanabria, Rashina Roosevelt Hall/106 4221
Sarkisian, Richard Madison Hall/214D 4492
Schmidt, Kevin CIM/101 4517
Schuck, John Community Center/100.08 4295
Scott, Matthew Jefferson Hall/212 5078
Sedighi, Fatemah Madison Hall/302D 4535
Serebransky, Mark Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/117F 4497
Shelley, Fred CIM/204E 4900
Sheppard, Rebecca Roosevelt Hall/207 4932
Smith, Lillian Roosevelt Hall/ 4212
Smith, Loni Washington Hall/Lobby 4304
Smith, Teresa A. Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329B 4479
Sokoloff, Marjorie Lincoln Hall/14 4737
Solomon, Eric Taft Hall/
Sorrento, Matthew College Hall/228 1225
Soudan, Habiba Jefferson Hall/227 4532
Spagnolia, Anne Community Center/101B.3 4058
Spatola, Anthony L. Jefferson Hall/210 4373
Staas, Diane Roosevelt Hall/204 4939
Stewart, II, John D. Madison Hall/314 4285
Stewart, Charles Connector/360 4326
Stewart, Gail Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/230 4465
Sweeney, Deborah Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/238 4459
Tannen, Sandra Jefferson Hall/211 4733
Taylor, William CIM/209S 4425
Tecle, Yohannes /117J 4608
Tenuto, Jacqueline Community Center/100A 5088
Terranova, Roxane Halpern Hall for Science & Health Education/329G 4471
Terrell, Ryan Taft Hall/343 4209
Thompson, Nicole Roosevelt Hall/106 4393
Tomassone, Giselle Learning Resource Center/ 4288
Tomczak, Amanda Roosevelt Hall/106E 4513
Torres, Marisol Jefferson Hall/104 4381
Traynor, Roland Wilson Hall East/203 4290
Tryon, Myra Roosevelt Hall/208G 4927
Unger, Jayne Taft Hall/334 4345
VanHest, Linda Taft Hall/337 4210
Vasta, Sebastian Lincoln Hall/2B 4528
Venable, Margo Connector/351D 4283
Waddington, Denise Roosevelt Hall/116 4500
Wallace, Jaclyn Community Center/101B.3 4914
Weber, Jane Madison Hall/302 4766
Webster, Christine Madison Hall/202B 4358
Wilkes, Mary Truman Hall/129 4349
Wilkus, Donald Physical Plant/ 4576
Wilson, Andrea Jefferson Hall/111 4271
Woodworth, Peter J. Madison Hall/214 4598
Wright, Anita CIM/209S 4760
Yankanich, Julie Madison Hall/302B 4460
Yannuzzi, Raymond Roosevelt Hall/232 4937
Yocum, Catherine Papiano Gym/100C 4287
Zaki, Hoda Jefferson Hall/202 4292
Zappetti, Lisa Jefferson Hall/208 4280
Camden City Campus
Alston, Darleen College Hall/117 1275
Anwar, Robynn College Hall/228 1296
Aria, Maria College Hall/228A 1257
Ballen, Susan College Hall/2nd Floor 1280
Bass, Elisabeth College Hall/228 1385
Dann, Carol College Hall/514 1315
Divens, Gary College Hall/204 3717
Dixon, Tamara College Hall/228 1329
Donahue, Michael College Hall/228 3719
Fredericks, Lesley College Hall/228 1246
Garrett, Jennifer Taft Hall/342 1353
Hill, Lauren Camden Technology Center/207 1348
Howell, Melvin College Hall/228A 1305
Knittle, Dan Camden Technology Center/ 1200
Kong, Kristine Camden Technology Center/211 1304
Levinson, Lewis Camden Technology Center/205 4900
Love, Jason College Hall/200 1309
McGee, Patricia College Hall/228 1215
Mesko, Linda College Hall/213G 1331
Michaelides, Michael Camden Technology Center/205 4900
Nelson, Hireem Camden Technology Center/211 1320
Nieves, Elliott College Hall/2nd Floor 1368
O'Hara, Jean College Hall/2nd Floor 1279
Oliver, Scott College Hall/118 1242
Owens, Lester College Hall/228 1375
Pagan, Frances College Hall/207 1325
Rosarto, Carol Camden Technology Center/207 1364
Ross, Debra Camden Technology Center/209 1340
Seasock, Deborah College Hall/308 1236
Slusarczyk, Debra College Hall/228 1270
Sweeney, Irvin R. College Hall/118 1247
Velez, Iliannexcis College Hall/504 1238
Washington, Valerie Camden Technology Center/209D 1311
Watson, Eileen Camden Technology Center/E-Village 1266
Addezio, Stephen RETC/102 4911
Bigoss, Patrick RETC/104 4024
Hanstein, Sue RETC/Front Office 4986
Lutz, Sergeant, Kevin RETC/Police Academy - Room 3 4953
Monturano, Melanie RETC/112 4903
Palcko, Peggy RETC/142 4863
Steiner, Patricia RETC/108 4950
William G. Rohrer Center
Dawson-Faul, Kathleen William G. Rohrer Center/112 6032
Duffy, Maryanne William G. Rohrer Center/112 6034
Kaczorowski, Robert William G. Rohrer Center/ 6046
Martelli, Karen William G. Rohrer Center/1st floor 6050
Simpkins, Mark William G. Rohrer Center/204 4900
Waldron, Lee William G. Rohrer Center/Information Desk 6008