Current Exhibit

The Marlin Gallery presents Joe Plageman, Nature Works IV  

October 8–October 31, 2014


Gallery Hours:
Monday-Friday 1–3 p.m.
Additional hours upon request.

Artists’ Reception:

Wednesday, October 8, 5–7 p.m.

Light refreshments served.  


The Marlin GalleryLincoln Hall,
Blackwood Campus
(856) 227-7200, ext. 4201

 Joe Plageman


Artists’ Statement:

The core of this exhibition is the eight very big round paintings shown in the two gallery rooms. They are the fruit of my creative efforts of the last five years and represent my Nature Works project in its fourth stage. Two round paintings remain to be completed in this phase. The group has grown organically out of the three preceding phases each of which enjoyed a solo show in Philadelphia at the Highwire Gallery, starting in 2003. 


The monoprints in this exhibition form an integral part of Nature Works III. They had their first showing at Highwire Gallery in 2009. They reveal many similarities but also many differences in relation to the big paintings and thus demonstrate how the project has developed. 


Direct contact with the trees and plants and grasses of our local woods by the actual use of them onsite to make rubbings and monoprints is the very foundation of this exploratory art project. Even each of the round pictures began with a rubbing or a series of rubbings which are very visible in several of the eight. 


Why did I choose such a size and such a shape and such a fabric on which to paint Nature Works IV? It was serendipity. All ten round canvases are actually the ten festive tablecloths that covered the ten broad tables at the dinner held in our church hall in celebration of our Golden Wedding Anniversary in June 2009. But what do you do with them after the party was the big question. A voice within me challenged me to make the pictures on them. Their size and their material makeup of heavily embossed cotton polyester fabric were the challenge: How best to integrate the fabric design of dense tulip motifs within a painting successfully? And how to develop a picture within a circle? It’s made for an interesting challenge! And furthermore I searched mind and heart for themes and ideas and decided to engage the treasure trove of my deepest memories as related to childhood, youthful travel, things that have fascinated me over the years. 


Joe Plageman 

September 2014