Photonics (Laser/Electro-Optics)

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cableCamden County College's Photonics Department provides comprehensive training of technicians in lasers, optics, and fiber optics which are the industries and technologies of the 21st century. Our department offers a two-year program in Photonics (PHT.AAS) leading to exciting and rewarding careers, or the choice of continued studies at a four-year Baccalaureate-granting institution. The Photonics program at Camden County College is also a partner with OP-TEC (the National Center for Optics and Photonics Education). This National Science Foundation ATE project will assist our program with materials, future employers, and technical advice. Dr. Fred Seeber, Professor Emeritus at C.C.C., is a co-investigator for OP-TEC. This is the only such partnership in the Northeastern United States.

Photonics is the science and technology of light that is involved with the generation, manipulation, transport, and use of electromagnetic energy. Encompassing the fields of optics, lasers, and electronics, photonics is a major technology in diverse industries such as materials processing, communication, medicine, transportation, public safety, national defense, entertainment, aerospace, and environmental monitoring.

Applications of Photonics have been growing with enormous pace over the past thirty years. During that time, the Department has been providing state-of-the-art training in Laser/Electro-Optics and Fiber-Optics Technology. Students graduating from our program receive an Associate in Applied Science Degree and gain outstanding career opportunities as technicians in electro-optics, lasers, and telecommunications areas.

Laser/Electro-Optic Technology

Students in the Laser/Electro-Optic Technology program receive all necessary technical theory, expert knowledge of different laser systems and their safety regulations, and hands-on experience that allow them to work in research, manufacturing, maintenance, trouble-shooting, alignment, and testing of laser/optic equipment.

An integral part of study in the program is a course that provides a working knowledge of Fiber-Optics. It provides hands-on training in connecting, testing, and trouble-shooting optical cables and networks, including technical theory covering aspects of optical waveguides, fiber optic sensors,and accompanying measurement equipment. Graduates have the opportunity to become certified as a Fiber Optic Technician by taking and successfully passing the exam offered by the Fiber Optic Association, FOA, where our program is currently recognized as an approved training institution. The successful fiber optic course enhances the Photonics program, bringing it to the leading edge of this rapidly progressing and innovating field.

Lasers are everywhere today. Lasers are used to communicate, measure, record and retrieve information, and fix not only machines but the human body, as well. As a result, professionals in this area are extensively sought and they are among the highest paid in American industry.

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