The Office of Communications


The Office of Communications promotes and protects Camden County College’s reputation of academic excellence and community engagement.

We manage the main College website and social media channels, the content and design of College official print publications, the release of College news, media relations, and the use of the Camden County College name and image. All legislative relations are handled by our office.

We work with offices and departments across campus to tell the institution’s story to a wide range of audiences, and we provide communication services to faculty and staff. Our office supports strategic marketing events.

We are committed to creating communications that engage and inform various audiences and that promote the College and enrollment. Our in-depth knowledge of the College and communications strategy enables us to help shape messages so they are best understood by their intended audiences.


A brand is much more than a logo. Our brand is the very essence of our organization, the way we connect with our students, our employees, and the public. In many ways, our brand is our reputation—the overall experience we promise to deliver. Schools that have a strong reputation often have a strong brand. This is why we all need to work together to maintain our brand.

Our branding guide provides all the info you need to properly convey the brand. You can download it here or request a copy by emailing Greg Bender at