Diversity and Inclusion

About Camden County College

  • Located just outside of Philadelphia, CCC is one of New Jersey’s largest public colleges.
  • Three campuses plus a technical institute and a regional emergency training center.
  • The Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility is part of Camden County College’s outreach to the local community. It is the goal of the Center to “create an informed citizenry with a heightened sense of civic responsibility.” The Center organizes two lecture series per year, free of charge to the public, by bringing in prominent academics and intellectuals to speak at the College.
  • CCC is nationally ranked in a number of key educational outcomes, the College has a tradition of high-quality education in a wide range of transfer and career programs.

The Digital Diversity Quilt

The Digital Diversity Quilt is a demonstration of CCC’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion on our campuses.

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We are better because of our differences

Human Resources is working every day to build a welcoming community for Faculty and Staff that is committed to the spirit of diversity and inclusion.

The Human Resources Department spearheads the College’s Diversity and Inclusion committee. Diversity and Inclusion are among Camden County College’s greatest assets. The Committee is dedicated to cultivating a culturally inclusive environment where diversity of thought and expression are valued, respected, appreciated, and celebrated. It serves as a resource to our campus community by providing information, referrals, advocacy, coordination and support for diversity-related events, activities, initiatives and discussions.

Human Resources also has instituted policies and procedures to enhance the recruitment and retention of employees from underrepresented groups through diverse search committees. Diversity, equity and inclusion questions are included in interviews and factor into the recruitment and retention strategies of the College.

Members of the Human Resources staff have received professional development training related to unconscious bias, assistive technology and job accommodations for people with various disabilities, the benefits of building an inclusive hiring process, and laws regarding ADA compliance in the workplace.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

That makes the perfect time for all of us to pause and assess our mental health. Camden County College’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has created a Mental Health Awareness Toolkit.
Download the Self-care for Stress Relief flyer

Learning more about Esports

Esports has the potential to be one of the most inclusive activities on college campuses around the world, as it allows for and encourages all genders, sexual orientations, individuals with physical disabilities, and participants from every ethnic and socio-economic background to compete together on a level playing field. Competitive video gaming bridges divides and offers an opportunity to build a cohesive and welcoming campus community.


Cougar Esports at Camden County College aims to fulfill on that inclusive promise. Our Cougar Esports teams and community on campus can proudly say that they come from diverse backgrounds with many different cultures and identities represented throughout the teams. These individuals compete alongside each other for the common goals of supporting their teammates and representing Camden County College. Please join us in celebrating our differences by supporting our amazing student-athletes competing with Cougar Esports!

Employee Spotlight

Lisa Gibson Kellum

Getting to know Lisa Gibson-Kellum

I am one of the Financial Aid Counselors and have been here for 18 years. I started as a work-study student here at CCC in the early 2000’s and worked my way up to where I am today. I made a commitment to myself and all students to encourage and assist just as others did for me when I started here.

To me diversity is basically the differences amongst us and what we can learn from each other. The biggest part of learning is to be open and receptive to differences and change. To be able to learn and celebrate different cultures, race, and religions is knowledge I have acquired over the years from our college community.

My wish list for the future would be to continue to assist our students and parents with the Financial Aid process and continue to watch our diverse community grow.

Grisleidy Pena

Getting to know Grisleidy Pena

I am a Federal Work Study Student for the Public Safety Department. I’ve been working with Public Safety since January 2023. My favorite part of working at Camden County College is learning new skills, meeting new people and networking.
To me diversity means the inclusion of all cultures being represented, respected and treated equally. I find it important that Camden County College has a high percentage of diverse faculty and students and are all represented and given great opportunities to succeed in life.
My biggest inspiration would have to be my mom. She has taught me to never give up on my goals, never be afraid of new opportunities and to always stay true to myself.