Faculty Mini-Grants


Foundation announces Mini-Grant Proposal opportunity for Faculty and Staff



The Camden County College Foundation Mini-Grant Program has been established to support self-contained projects that make a contribution to the College.  Full-time and adjunct faculty, teaching administrators and librarians may apply to the Foundation for full or partial funding of projects.  The maximum level of funding per project through the mini-grant program is $1,500, with a maximum of 3 funded projects per year.


Micro Mini-Grants

Micro mini-grants are funded at a maximum level of $500. They are to be used to directly support a student activity. This is not to fund a program, and can not be used for a stipend or outside speaker. For example, the funds could be used to cover the cost of transportation for a student bus trip, etc.


For more information, please click on the below links to learn about the proposal process.
Mini-Grant Application
Micro-Mini-Grant Application