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EOF Contract - Camden County College

EOF Program Contract

Welcome to EOF at Camden County College! We are glad you will be participating in the program! You and your advisor will work together to create and put in place effective strategies for you to achieve success at Camden County College.

  • Your EOF Advisor will:

    • Request to meet with you at least 3 times per semester.
    • Be supportive and frequently communicate with you.
    • Have the ability to connect you to campus resources.
    • Offer assistance in the development of academic skills, and career and transfer planning as needed, to aid in success (time management, study skills, problem solving, etc.)
    • Respect your privacy. Communication between you and your EOF Advisor is confidential. Please be honest with your advisor regarding school work and any other challenges.

    What is expected of you:

    • You are expected to meet with your EOF Advisor regularly and notify your advisor of any changes in appointments, class schedule or major as well as any life changes that impact your goals./li>
    • Plan in advance for each meeting with your advisor by preparing questions and being ready to communicate your needs to your advisor. Disclose and discuss any unsatisfactory academic performance and its implications with your advisor. After each advising session, follow through on actions identified including connecting to campus services as needed to ensure success.
    • Maintain academic progress as required by the College and the EOF Program.
    • Attend, at minimum, two EOF workshops each semester and any special programs designated by your EOF Advisor. Attend class and comply with campus attendance policies.
    • Complete the Financial Aid Applications (FAFSA and NJFams) each school year and respond promptly to all follow-up requests.
    • Check your email daily as this is Camden County College’s official source of communication.
    • Keep personal contact information updated through Records and Registration.
    • Accept final responsibility for all decisions.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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