Math Placement Prep

Online Assessment and Lessons

  • Math Lab offers EdReady and onsite tutors.
  • EdReady is an online tool to help improve math skills and test scores.
  • EdReady will determine your skill level and make lessons just for you.

Student Navigation from EdReady on Vimeo.

Save Money, Financial Aid, and Time

  • EdReady is free to potential students and CCC students.*
  • Improving your math skills might let you graduate faster save you as much as $1,300.**
  • Read our Tips for Success on how you can save money and time.


  • Your first retest is free after a 2-week waiting period and use of EdReady
  • Contact us and get access to this online tool.
  • Print your EdReady target score page and bring it to the Testing Center, and they will retest you.

Math Lab

Do I need to make an appointment?
No, the lab is open to walk-in students during our posted hours. Please check the Math Lab Tutoring Schedule for hours.

Tutoring Schedule

How long should I expect to be there?
Your first visit will usually be about 45 minutes. After that, time spent is up to you.

Can I do work outside of the lab? 
Once you are set up with EdReady, you can work with the tools in the lab, from a computer or any mobile device.