Career Planning and Advancement Center for Employers

Camden County College’s Career Planning and Advancement Center will help create opportunities for you to connect with candidates to fill your employment needs. We can also help facilitate internship, shadowing, and volunteer opportunities.

At Camden County College, you will find highly skilled students and alumni through our various higher education programs that include: Transfer Degree Programs, Career Degree Programs, Career Certificates, and Workforce Training.

Benefits of hiring Camden County College students and alumni include:

  • Free, on-campus recruiting
  • Please contact us for information regarding setting up recruitment tables.
  • Need to conduct interviews off site? Contact us for information on how to set up student/alumni interviews on campus.
  • Camden County College uses College Central Network® as its official resume and job posting service. Organizations wishing to share employment or other opportunities with students must register and post their opportunities electronically. Through this platform, employers can search for talented students and alumni and post unlimited jobs for free. To create your free account please visit
  • Opportunities to participate in career and recruitment events at our Blackwood, Camden, and Cherry Hill campuses

In order for job/internship postings to be approved they must meet the following criteria:

  1. The company/organization must be verifiable
  2. Jobs that involve working in private homes, performing door to door sales, that are paid “under the table”, and any job or other opportunity that require a monetary investment, will not be approved for posting.

Camden County College looks forward to assisting you with your recruitment efforts! When you partner with Camden County College you shape the direction of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.

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Contact Us

Derena Shafer, Career Planning & Advancement Center Director
(856) 374-4854
Camden County College – Taft 305