Mission and Goals


Camden County College is a learning community committed to the success of our diverse student population in achieving their full academic, career, and personal potential while delivering a high-quality, inclusive, affordable, and accessible education.


Camden County College will be the regional leader in the provision of innovative academic and workforce training pathways to best serve our community.


  • Academic excellence
  • Accountability
  • Goal attainment
  • Integrity
  • Respect for individuals
  • Student-centered (focused) decision making
  • Student learning

Strategic Direction & Institutional Goals

Direction 1: Student Success

Build academic pathways to increase equitable outcomes in recruitment, retention, and credential/degree completion for transfer and employment opportunities.

Goal 1: Equitably implement Guided Pathways to Success model across campuses and modalities.

Goal 2: Recruit more students into and increase yield from pre-enrollment programs.

Direction 2: Adaptive Innovation

Promote a culture of innovation, cooperation, and receptiveness to adapt quickly to the changing landscape in higher education.

Goal 1: Expand access to professional development experiences and resources college wide.

Goal 2: Develop and sustain partnerships with higher education institutions, private and public sector industries, and community organizations.

Goal 3: Expand and improve our eLearning division with ongoing professional development on effective teaching/learning strategies and additional fully online programs

Direction 3: Leaders in Workforce Development & Community Engagement

Become a regional leader in workforce development and community engagement through strategic partnerships with business, industry, and premier institutions to deliver a career-ready education to students.

Goal 1: Promote the College as an industry-driven partner responsive to the needs of the surrounding community and employer pool by offering educational programs and preparation for high demand occupations.

Goal 2: Offer exploratory opportunities to promote career knowledge and develop industry focused programs that reflect the needs of the region.

Direction 4: Organizational Sustainability

Position the College for long-term sustainability with a focus on financial stability, human capital, resource allocation, and succession planning.

Goal 1: Commit to a sustainable future by improving social, economic, and environmental health for both the College and surrounding community.

Goal 2: Develop operational plans to maintain financial sustainability and leverage technology to drive operational efficiencies.

Goal 3: Sustain an inclusive culture by establishing a framework for a collaborative decision-making process to enhance the long-term viability of the College and the surrounding community while upholding its core values.

Direction 5: Social Justice

Create and support a culture that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to Social Justice that strengthens our institution and community.

Goal 1: Create a Social Justice framework to guide/recommend changes to our campus, policies, and practices to embrace diversity, inclusion, fairness, and equity.

Goal 2: Develop programming for our faculty, staff, students, and community to address and combat racism.