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The Princeton Mid-Career Fellowship Program is a partnership between Princeton University and participating community colleges in New Jersey to provide mid-career faculty the opportunity to study their disciplines at Princeton University and reflect on relevant issues in higher education with their colleagues across the state. For more information please contact Kay Klotzbach at extension 4342 or go to the direct link or call Margo Orlando (609) 258-2379.

CCC instructors interested in applying to the MCFP can go the MCFP web page at:

The Mid-Career Fellowship Program is a unique program of faculty and staff development run under the auspices of Princeton University/New Jersey Community College Agreement. The Program is a one-year fellowship which includes graduate study and a unique Fellows’ Seminar which addresses and explores a wide variety of issues facing community colleges today.

Learn more about the Mid-Career Fellowship Program at Princeton University and become part of a unique academic community.

The previous Princeton recipients are:

Patrick Hughes 2010 - 2011
Christine Webster 2010 - 2011

Jennifer Hoheisel 2007 - 2008
Kay Klotzbach 2007- 2008
Richard Carney 2006 - 2007
Jill Russell 2006 - 2007
Pablo Echeverria 2004 - 2005
Daniel Flisser 2002 - 2003
David Daniels 2000 - 2001
Charles Miller 1998 - 1999
Ken Merryman 1979 – 1980
Mary Mulder 1979 - 1980


The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning's Mid-Career Fellowship Program

Located at Princeton University, the Mid-Career Fellowship Program is an agreement between Princeton and a number of New Jersey community colleges that enables faculty and administrators from participating schools to undertake advanced study in related disciplines and participate in a specially designed program aimed at professional development. The program helps to avoid the "burnout" that often comes with heavy teaching loads and acts to revitalize community college faculty and administrators.


The Mid-Career Fellowship Program allows chosen faculty from the participating community colleges to:

-Enroll at Princeton to further cultivate their understanding of the subjects they teach

-Consult with distinguished scholars in a variety of fields

-Study with other community college instructors also interested in furthering their knowledge of their discipline

-Become part of a unique academic community


Fellows take courses in their own or related disciplines throughout the academic year. In addition to attending classes, all Fellows meet in a seminar that focuses on issues of classroom teaching and current educational concerns. The emphasis is on the practical application of pedagogic ideas and concrete day-to-day problems. In the seminar, Fellows present ideas and drafts of a paper they will finish by the end of the academic year. The topics are of the Fellows' own choosing. Upon completion, the papers are compiled as a book, "Issues of Education in the Community Colleges." The seminar meets ten times throughout the year.

Community college faculty and administrators interested in applying for the Mid-Career Fellowship should contact the program administrator, Margo Orlando, at or (609) 258-2379.

The deadlines for applications for participating in the 2013-2014 academic year are NOVEMBER 1, 2012 and MARCH 1, 2013.

Application and Admission Instructions Into the Mid Career Fellowship Program (MCFP)