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Partners in Learning

The Partners in Learning Program is an exciting faculty development program for tenured faculty. Participants choose faculty partners with whom they can work collaboratively throughout the year. Faculty share ideas to review, discuss, and improve teaching and learning in their classrooms. To find out more information about this exciting program, contact Prof. Dan Flisser, ext. 4529 or Prof. Donna Armstrong, ext. 4368.

Fall 2016

Establishment of Teaching Goals for 2016-2017

Thursday,  Sept.  22,  2016

Introduction:  Pres. Don Borden  & Vice Pres. Marge Hamilton


Establishment of Teaching Goals for 2016-2017:

What aspects of my teaching would I like to examine and enhance over the coming year?

Discussion: Plagiarism Chronicle of Higher Education, July 19, 2016, Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez: Everybody's Talking About Plagiarism. What Is It, Exactly?


Using an LMS to Incorporate Technology in the Classroom

Thursday,  Oct.  27,  2016

Scott Purdy,  Director of Online Learning
Rose Denardo,  E-Learning Specialist

The presentation will focus on features in the WebStudy Learning Management system that can enhance the classroom experience.  Features include, but not limited to, whiteboard, conference tool, video recordings, and grade book.  Incorporating technology in the face-to-face classroom can positively impact student success.

Community College Week, March 22, 2016, Eduardo Padron, Pres., Miami-Dade College:

Transforming the Community College Classroom



Spring 2017

Enhancing the Teaching/Learning Experience of Our Foreign Students

Thursday,  Jan.  26,  2017  

Prof. Hoda  Zaki, ESL Dept.

This presentation will address cross-cultural differences in learning styles, teacher/student expectations, linguistic and phonetic differences  between English and other languages, areas where miscommunications/misunderstandings usually happen, and teaching tips that can make information more accessible to foreign students.

There will be a Q/A session to address additional queries by the attendees.

Chronicle of Higher Education,  May 5, 2016, Karin Fischer:

Colleges help the faculty adapt teaching for foreign students.

Guidelines for April meeting:   Best Practices in Instruction

Snow  Date on reserve: Thursday,  Feb. 23,  2017
If the January meeting is canceled because of snow, we will meet in February. Otherwise,  no  February meeting will be held.

Thursday,  April  28,  2017

Guidelines to be distributed for:
  • Reflection Paper
  • PIL Program Evaluation
  • Submission of documentation to Academic Affairs

Review of Teaching Goals:

What aspects of my teaching have I been able to examine and enhance over the coming year?

Best Practices in Instruction – by member pairs