USA Funds - Life Skills

Want to learn more about budgeting your money, repaying your student loans and managing your debt, school and personal life while preparing for life after graduation?

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USA Funds® Life Skills® is an online financial literacy and student success program designed to help students learn to manage their money and time wisely while in school and after graduation. A comprehensive curriculum includes interactive exercises, real-life scenarios, tools and resources and assessments on the contents.

Topics to include, but are not limited to:

  • Learn how to budget wisely
  • Manage student loan and credit card debt
  • Understanding the issues of need versus want
  • The responsibilities that go along with student loans
  • Borrowing only the amount of funds necessary
  • Keeping loan debt as low as possible in order to make repayment manageable
  • How to live on a budget
  • How to pay for higher education
  • How to manage school and personal life


It is a service provided to you by Camden County College to help you become a more conscientious borrower, a more disciplined credit card user and to understand how today’s poor budgeting decisions can adversely affect your ability to borrow in the future.


To begin your financial literacy education we are providing you with a “catalog” of topics to go online and complete. The topics are broken down into 3 categories; financial aid, general and business.

New users are required to complete a simple, one-time registration process.

Once you complete the initial registration process, only your username and password are required for future visits.

Click on a topic below for step-by-step login instructions.

General Life & College Skills

Budgeting / Managing Debt

Repaying Student Loans / Managing & Student Loans While in School

You can review the lessons and retake the lessons to improve your score.

If you need help navigating the lessons:  Use the “Contact Us” link or call USA Funds Customer Support, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time at (800) 766-0084. After these hours, support is available at (866) 722-1470.