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'Transfer Back' Credits from Post-CCC Studies Toward CCC Degree


During this year’s commencement exercises, Camden County College Board of Trustees chair John T. Hanson received a CCC associate degree as a member of the Class of 2013 – even though he hadn’t attended classes at the school for many years. His receipt of this academic credential was possible thanks to a “transfer back” program for which many former students are eligible.

Under CCC’s “transfer back” policy, credits students earn after they leave the College may be counted back toward an associate degree at CCC. This is true even if they never finish a bachelor’s degree or any other degree or certificate elsewhere.

While enrolled at the College decades ago, Hanson successfully completed numerous courses but didn’t accumulate quite enough credits to complete his associate degree before transferring into baccalaureate studies at Drexel University. He applied his CCC credits toward the bachelor’s degree he earned from Drexel, graduating magna cum laude, and later went on to earn a master’s degree from St. Joseph’s University and two certificates from Cornell University.

Earlier this year, Hanson joined and became chair of the CCC trustee board. When College administrators learned that he was a former student who hadn’t finished his associate degree, the courses he completed at Drexel were evaluated against his CCC transcript. These Drexel courses were found to satisfy his remaining CCC associate degree requirements. This allowed him to receive his two-year degree and become an official Camden County College graduate.

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Published: July 29, 2013