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Camden County College Honors All-American Athletes with Plaque


During 2011, Camden County College hired a longtime professor as its new athletic director, brought back intramural sports and took the steps to add a new team to its intercollegiate roster. The College also paused to collectively honor all of the student-athletes who have earned All-American status from the National Junior College Athletic Association throughout CCC history.


Camden County College competes in Division III of the NJCAA. Athletic scholarships aren’t awarded by the institution, but it does field teams for intercollegiate play in men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball and men’s golf. Women’s golf has been added for the Spring 2012 semester, and track/field and wrestling teams were offered in years past.


Throughout its 44-year history, CCC has had a total of 38 All-American athletes. But nowhere on campus was there an acknowledgment of these students’ achievements. It was the idea of trustee board chairman Kevin G. Halpern to correct this oversight with a plaque that he volunteered to fund.


The completed piece was unveiled to nearly 100 alumni, family members and College officials during a brief ceremony and reception. Joining Halpern and a number of the All-Americans were College President Raymond Yannuzzi, athletic director Peter DiLorenzo and the CCC Cougar.


The plaque’s permanent home is Papiano Gymnasium, and it will be updated as more All-American honors are earned. Currently listed are: Beatty Barnes, men’s basketball (1970); Curtis Barnes, men’s basketball (1979); Ashley Baker, women’s basketball (2007, 2008); Gene Barber, wrestling (1971); Samantha Becker, women’s soccer (2003, 2005); Kurtis Carter, men’s basketball (1990); Mike Chapman, track and field (1972); Jaime Clark, women’s soccer (1994, 1995); Joe Cruz, baseball (1997); Tyrone Cunningham, men’s basketball (1985); Jeanine Dacierno, softball (2001); Steve Del Ciotto, baseball (1983); Frank Duddy, men’s soccer (1978); Jim Elliot, men’s soccer (1975); Amanda Ellis, softball (2001); Jill Faralli, softball (1995); George Hobbins, men’s soccer (1974); Roger Johnson, men’s soccer (1974); Bob Klineburger, men’s soccer (1976); Gene Knorr, men’s soccer (1974); Blaise Koveniewski, baseball (1990); Danielle Maggazzu, women’s soccer (2009); Kylie Magitz, women’s soccer (2008); Brittney Mancine, women’s soccer (2004); Alexandria Marinucci, women’s soccer (2000); Debbie Martinelli, women’s soccer (1993); Krystal McErlain, softball (2001); Karissa McMorris, women’s basketball (1999); Dave Miller, baseball (1986); Jared Moffett, baseball (1997); Janine Mullen, women’s soccer (2009); Patti Murphy, softball (1988); Gina Napoli, women’s soccer (1993); Michelle Redman, women’s soccer (2004); Johan Sandlof, men’s soccer (1987); Robert Sargeant, men’s basketball (2000); Julia Weisel, women’s soccer (2007); and Dave Wynn, men’s basketball (1982).

Published: December 22, 2011