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ADVISORY: CCC students to help “Give Kids a Smile!”


WHAT: Camden County College dental hygiene and dental assisting students and staff will provide dozens of area youngsters with dental cleanings and other preventative dental care along with dental education services as part of “Give Kids a Smile!” Day – also known as National Children’s Dental Access Day.


WHEN: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday, Feb. 4, 2011.


WHERE: Copperthwaite Dental Hygiene Clinic, second floor, Taft Hall, Blackwood Campus, Camden County College.


WHY: National Children’s Dental Access Day is a public health project that aims to provide a free day of preventative dental care to children aged 12 and younger who are in need of these services. The event is a way for professionals and students to mark February as National Children’s Dental Health Month.


Camden County College is one of more than 80 entities participating in this project statewide in association with the New Jersey Dental Association. All services delivered on-campus that day will be overseen by Dr. Catherine Boos, who is a licensed dentist and the director of the college’s dental programs.


DETAILS: During the event, CCC students and staff expect to serve 60 to 100 youngsters aged 12 or younger.


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Published: February 02, 2011